In Review: Newbury & Hobbes #1

Writer George Mann (Dark Souls, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40,000) brings his steampunk mystery novels to comics for their 10th anniversary, alongside Dan Boultwood (It Came!, The Phoenix).

Synopsis: Need to dismantle rogue automata, uncover plots against the crown, or put down a zombie infestation? Newbury and Hobbes are the Victorian duo to call on!

Review: Newbury and Hobbes have transitioned from novels into comics and George Mann brings us a fun mixture of detective fictions mixed with all manner of steampunk trappings.

I have to confess to never having read any of the novels. So this is very much my introduction to the world of Newbury & Hobbes and boy have I been missing out.

The Story

While investigating cult of people that are part human and part mechanical for Queen and country. Newbury and Hobbes get called way to investigate and unusual cadaver. One thing leads to another as the pair visit various places in London and its surrounding towns.

Where did this Cadaver come from? Is it connected to the cult, which the duo are currently investigating? If so what do they want and why are they a threat to old London town.

This first issue pretty much sets up the investigation and lays out the rules of the universe while providing us with some really engaging characters.

George Mann’s sense of character beats and the sense of mystery is really well drawn out. I’m definitely up for reading issue 2 whenever it drops.

The Artwork

Dan Boultwood’s artwork is fantastic in this first issue. His attention to detail and the general drawings he has done of Victorian London is brilliant.

I loved the steam powered carriages that the characters are travelling around in.

I also loved his drawing of a part machine part human Queen and the way in which Newbury’s meeting with her is set up.

In short. This is all very lovingly drawn and no detail is sparred.


This is a solid first issue for Newbury and Hobbes. The world building is really well thought out and we get left with a wonderful cliffhanger to whet are appetites for what lies ahead in future issues.

Newbury & Hobbes #1
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