In Review: Nancy Drew – The Whisper Box

When Nancy finds herself stuck in an alternate reality the Drew Crew desperately searches for a way to bring her back.

Synopsis: When Nancy finds herself stuck in an alternate reality the Drew Crew desperately searches for a way to bring her back.

Review: This episode gives us a completely different take on what Nancy’s life may have been like had her mother not died.

The Story

Having recovered the electronic key hidden in the bible, which was locked in the Whisper Room. Nancy is trapped, unconscious and hallucinating a perfect version of her life where all her friends are living their best lives. Having figured out that it is all just too perfect. Nancy with some help from Nick has to solve the mystery of what the key is to the Whisper Room in the parallel version of the hospital, which the alt-universe version of nick has purchased.

Back in the real world. Georgie, Nick, Beth, and Ace are working flat out to get Nancy back.

The Acting

We get a lot of great scenes in this episode between Nick and Nancy where Nancy finds that she has unresolved feelings for him. The dynamic between the two characters is very similar to what we saw in the episode where Nancy helped Nick figure out what Tiffany Hudson had left him. Kennedy McMann and Tunji Kasim do a fantastic job of selling the relationship and still have sizzle to their onscreen chemistry. Also good were the scenes that Nancy has with her mother, which proves to be key to Nancy being able to rejoin the real world.


A really solid episode, which gives us an interesting glimpse at what Nancy’s life might have been like had her mother not died and her friends were not carrying so much emotional baggage. I really loved the idea of Beth being a social influencer on Instagram and Georgie being a much nicer and clean-cut version of herself, but without the tattoos. Although I personally like tattoos.

I also loved the idea of it having been Nancy’s mother’s map and note that helps Nancy figure a way out of the Whisper Room. The map her mother made her because Nancy was afraid of losing her.

Also good was the twist at the end once that Nancy figured out what the card key opened and how it revealed something that we didn’t know about Tiffany Hudson.

Nancy Drew - The Whisper Box
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