In Review: Nancy Drew – The Terror of Horseshoe Bay

Nancy turns to supernatural sources in a last-ditch effort to find clues to exonerate her father

Synopsis: With time running out before Carson’s evidentiary hearing, Nancy turns to supernatural sources in a last-ditch effort to find clues to exonerate her father.

Review: With one murder solved. Nancy and the crew set about trying to summon a spirit called The Aglaeka.

The Story

Having found out that Joshua Dodd was the person that murdered Tifanny Hudson. Nancy sets her sights on trying to find out her murdered Tiffany Hudson while Nick and Ace try and figure out how Joshua got access to the poison that killed Tiffany via the Police Evidence room where the learn that Joshua had an unexpected accomplice on the inside.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Owen Marvin go to Vogel Biotec to interview Chad Vogel about his friendship with Ryan Hudson and generally ask about the relationship between Ryan and Lucy Sable. As they are about to leave. Nancy has another vision of Lucy Sable, which suggests that she needs to find Lucy’s bones in order to prove her father’s innocence. In order to this Nancy calls on her friends to help with a ritual in order to summon the Aglaeka and ask for Lucy Sable’s bones, but as always the summoning exacts a toll.

The Acting

Alex Saxon and Tunji Kasim work well together as Ace and Nick respectively. The scenes they have where they are using sign language in order to get some help from Ace’s father are handled really well. Also, kudos should go to the actor who portrays Ace’s father.

Kennedy McMann also impressed and had some real stong scenes this week as the titular character. I really enjoyed the scene where she interviews Chad Vogel as well as the scene where she pretty much catches Detective Karen Heart.


This show is getting more and more out there with the supernatural stuff. There’s a scene where we see Nancy spit some teeth out of her mouth, which was really creepy as was the scene where Lucy shows Nancy her bones. The way these supernatural scenes are done is pretty damn clever and very convincing. The final scene where Nancy pulls a bunch of seaweed out of her mouth was pretty sick. Especially given that the Seaweed represented Nancy breaking the terms of a deal that was struck with Aglaeka.

Overall. A really strong episode with some genuinely creepy moments.

Nancy Drew - The Terror of Horseshoe Bay
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