In Review: Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew #4

Who tried to kill Nancy Drew?

Synopsis: Who tried to kill Nancy Drew? As Nancy dives deeper into the underbelly of her hometown she discovers skeletons she never expected to find, and an enemy in the least likely of places.


The Story

Having learned the identity of the person that tried to kill her. Nancy is looking to find the person that ordered the hit on her, and her prime suspect is the woman that is dating her father. As she continues to investigate a very tired and discouraged Nancy winds up passing out behind the wheel while trying to tail a man who had just met with her prime suspect. She suspects Mariana Bobbsey is trying to take over the syndicate, which her late husband used to run. But are Nancy’s suspicions, right?


The Artwork

Joe Eisma’s art is solid throughout this issue and does a fantastic job of servicing the story. There are a few solid moments in the comic with a lot of great panels. I particularly enjoyed the sequence where Nancy having reteamed with the Hardy boys after having ditched them in the last issue goes into a hardware store and wind up at a bizarre party where everyone is wearing masks, but not for social distancing reasons.  I also though the sequence of art that depicts Nancy trying to tail Wang was really well executed.



This comic continues to deliver a great Nancy Drew mystery. Anthony Del Col continues to deliver some great dialogue, but it is Nancy’s internal dialogue, which narrated her thoughts throughout that keep me constantly engrossed in the story. We get a fantastic cliffhanger, which fans of the recent TV incarnation will love because it involves George.

Overall. A solid issue that keeps the mystery train running while also managing to give us a nice balance of character development and fun moments.

Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew #4
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