IN REVIEW: NANCY DREW – The Girl in the Locket

With only hours left. Nancy and her friends race against time to find a way to vanquish the Agleaca before she takes what she is due. 

Synopsis: With only hours left. Nancy and her friends race against time to find a way to vanquish the Agleaca before she takes what she is due.

The Story

Having discovered in the last episode that she was the daughter of Lucy Sable and Ryan Hudson. Nancy isn’t just having to deal with her feelings with regards to the revelation, but she also has to make amends to the Agleaca for having welched on her deal with the cursed spirit. To that end, she needs the help of a blood relative and that person is none other than Ryan Hudson who having found out more how Lucy’s death is asking questions about it given that he suspects that Lucy was pregnant, which forces Nancy’s hand into revealing the truth to him in order to get his help.

Meanwhile, Bess is trying to fit in with her high society family, The Marvins. And Ned and Georgie’s feelings for each other are slowly heating up.


The Acting


Kennedy McMann puts in a fantastic performance this week as we see Nancy deal with her feelings over learning the truth about her birth parents. The scenes she has at the beginning of the episode with Scott Wolf are just the precursor to some even more intense moments with Riley Smith’s Ryan Hudson when she is pretty much forced into telling him that she is his daughter. All three of these acting performances really put a shine on the episode.



The drama of Nancy dealing with the fact that she has just found out her true parentage was dealt with really well in this episode, but sort of took somewhat away from the plotline to do with the Agleaca curse. That said Nancy needing a blood relative in regards to helping get that curse lifted played pretty well as did the shock revelation where Nancy has to tell her friends The Drew Crew that she is the child of the dead Lucy Sable and Ryan Hudson which was a convenient way of linking the two plot threads.

The visuals this week of maggots turning to sand and sea sludge coming out of Ned’s boot and pretty much all the spooky tricks connected to the Agleaca worked really well and had just the right amount of creep factor. I loved the shock twist at the close of the episode.

Overall. A pretty solid episode with a lot of drama and some creepy moments.

NANCY DREW – The Girl in the Locket
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