In Review: Nancy Drew – The Curse of the Dark Storm

Nancy confronts Nick about a secret he has been keeping.

Synopsis: A nor’easter hits Horseshoe Bay and Ace warns everyone that the storm has been known to blow restless spirits ashore; Nancy confronts Nick about the secrets he’s been keeping.

Review: Nancy learns the truth about Nick’s connection to the murder victim and in doing so finds herself helping him solve a mystery with regards to a gift, which the murdered Tiffany Hudson has left him.

The Story

When Nancy confronts Nick about text messages he had been sent by Tiffany Hudson on the night of her murder she learns the truth about how Tiffany was trying to make amends for having testified against Nick. Following the clues in the Text message, Nancy and Nick find a clock with some numbers written on it. This leads to them investigating an old historical house, which Tiffany had purchased in order to protect it from being demolished or redeveloped. We learn that Tiffany and Nick had communicated through a mutual appreciation of books.

Nancy is also given an ultimatum by Detective Hart. She either gives them something that they can use in order to charge Nick with the murder or she risks going down for it herself for the breaking and entering charge she copped in the last episode.

Elsewhere, Georgia is having a run of bad luck and her friends think she has become the victim of a curse.

The Acting

Kennedy McMann and Tunji Kasim put in a really strong performance in this episode as we see Nancy and Nick grow closer together and develop into a really strong investigative team. I really enjoyed the satisfied smirk on Nancy’s face when she realized that her plan to outsmart Detective Hart had worked.


I really enjoyed the mystery element to this episode and how a mystery sort of brings Nick and Nancy closer together to a point where Nick is able to tell Nancy and her friends his story. I loved the use of ISBN numbers on the back of the books to be the key to unlocking the gift that Tiffany had left for Nick.

The ghosts in this episode were a fun element, but why is the ghost of Lucy Sable lingering at Nancy’s home.

Overall. A really enjoyable episode, which felt very much like a Nancy Drew story within the bigger story arc.

Nancy Drew - The Curse of the Dark Storm
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