IN REVIEW: NANCY DREW – The Clue in the Captain’s Painting

Nancy and her crew investigate a mysterious death, which leads to new details regarding the Aglaeca hex.

Synopsis: Nancy and her crew investigate a mysterious death, which leads to new details regarding the Aglaeca hex.

The Story

Wracked with grief at the murder of Owen Marvin. Nancy is convinced that his death was related to the Aglaeca curse, but when the crew holds another seance it becomes apparent that Owen was murdered by more human means. With the Aglaeca curse still lingering. Nancy and the crew investigate other potential leads. While Bess, Georgie, and Ned support Bess and ask the Marvin family questions. Nancy and Ace investigate another lead which leads them back to the mother of Lucy Sable.


The Acting

Leah Lewis puts in a powerful performance as Georgie who gets some much-needed closure from her past relationship with Ryan Hudson. Which enables her to feel free to pursue her relationship with Ned. The scene where Georgie confronts Ryan is really strong and while it has very little to do with the main plotline. It does set things up for the final scenes in which each member of the Drew Crew is shown just how evil a fate that the Aglaeca has in mind for them.

Also really good this week was Kennedy McMann as the titular character. Her scenes with Lucy Sable’s mother worked really well and provided a nice build-up to the identity of Owen Marvin’s killer.



This was a pretty solid if not somewhat rushed season finale. We got to see some characters get closure while others had some nice work done on their character arcs. Bess, in particular, had a fair bit of development this week as her relationship with her aunt and her connection to the Marvin family threatens her relationship. However, we do get a nice scene where Bess spots the Aglaeca in a painting, which was done by one of her distant relatives. An old Sea Captain who had a lot of tragedy in his life.

Overall. A pretty solid episode to end the season on.

NANCY DREW – The Clue in the Captain's Painting
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