In Review: Nancy Drew (S3 – EP3) The Testimony of the Executed Man

On the trail of the Frozen Hearts Killer, Nancy and her friends follow a surprising lead from a podcaster at an annual convention for amateur sleuths

Synopsis: In The Testimony of the Executed Man. On the trail of the Frozen Hearts Killer, Nancy and her friends follow a surprising lead from a podcaster at an annual convention for amateur sleuths – where they also find themselves unraveling ghostly clues about a homicide from the 1950s.


The Story


Nancy and her friends attend a convention of amateur detectives. But on the way to the venue. Nancy, Ace, and George have to pick up an evidence box from the 1950s wither regards to a murder that was allegedly committed by Joe Kelsey, which they need to give to crime podcaster Laci McAllister. However, as they drive to the convention a ghost stops them in their tracks. Nancy having looked at the case file decides that they need to burn all the evidence to protect the secret. But Ace seeing the numbers tattooed on Joe in a photo decides to keep a box of matches. 

As they arrive at the convention. Nancy and the gang manufacture evidence to replace what they have burned in order to try and fool Laci, but the deception does not work. Despite this Nancy still manages to persuade Laci to help her capture the Frozen Hearts Killer who happens to be attending the convention. Meanwhile Ace having kept that 1950s box of matches is showing signs that he is being possessed or receiving visions from Joe Kelsy who was innocent of the crime he supposedly committed.


The Acting

This episode had a nice balance of scares, drama, and comedy, which gave the actors plenty to chew on. Kennedy McMann carries the story well with strong supporting performances from Leah Lewis and Alex Saxon. Lewis gets a fun moment when George finds out that she has an official fan club at the convention, which even has its own merchandise. While Saxon finds himself having to sell us on the idea that his character of Ace has been possessed, which he does really well.

Meanwhile, Kennedy McMann has a lot of solid scenes as Nancy. But one of the best moments is provided by her initial scene with Bethany Brown’s Laci McAllister who proves to be every bit a detective when she figures out Nancy’s deception. 



The Testimony of the Executed Man proves to be a great episode for most of the key characters and does a great job of adding more mysterious elements to the Frozen Hearts Killer case. But simultaneously provides us with a tragic story about forbidden love and the sacrifices that people in love will make for each other. You’d have to be a pretty cold-hearted person to not feel something for the tale of Joe Kelsey and his connection to Laci’s Grandmother.


For more Nancy Drew check out Nicholas Yane’s fun article about the Aglaeca.

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    23 October 2021 at 8:10 pm -

    Love this show! One of the best on the CW. The writers have really thought their universe through.

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