In Review: Nancy Drew (S3 – EP12) The Witch Tree Symbol

Nancy searches for a missing person targeted by Temperance

Synopsis: In The Witch Tree Symbol. Nancy searches for a missing person targeted by Temperance, who has also placed a fatal hex on the kids of the Youth Center.


The Story

Picking up the story from last week. Temperance has taken Lev and stashed him in the liminal space. Her plan is to place a tracking spell on his heart and blood so she can track the Frozen Hearts killer to his next victim and the final piece of her daughter’s soul. In order to slow the Drew crew down Temperance puts a hex on the children at Nicks Youth Center, which forces Nancy to make a risky decision.

Elsewhere, George is agonizing over having split up with Nick and is trying to figure out a way to break the news to her younger sisters. Thankfully, Ryan Hudson is on hand to lend her some of his perspective on the issue. Meanwhile, Nick calls Bess to tell her that he is resigning from the youth center.


The Acting

Olivia Taylor Dudley who now has the double role of Temperance and Charity Hudson Dow is brilliant in this episode and really gives a creepy performance. The way in which she coldly sacrifices Lev and the way in which she regards his death as a means to an end is scary. Equally, Kennedy McMann gives a solid performance as Nancy and puts on a real cool front when she realizes that Temperance needs her alive. 

We also get solid performances from Alex Saxon as Ace and John Harlan Kim as Agent Park. The two work well together and it will be interesting to see how that develops in the coming weeks given that they’re both burning a flame for Nancy. But further to that is the fact that Ace is now in Temperance’s crosshairs.



Another strong episode that makes use of the mythology and digs a little deeper into Temperance and Charity Hudson’s back story. I also enjoyed the brief flashback scene to the 1970s where we see an older-looking Temperance make a bunch of children at an orphanage vanish into thin air.

I loved the cliffhanger and I am pretty psyched for next week’s episode as I am anxious to see where it will go.

Nancy Drew (S3 - EP12) The Witch Tree Symbol
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