In Review: Nancy Drew (S3 – EP10) The Confession of the Long Night

A truth-inducing ritual takes hold of a town-wide cocktail party, yielding volcanic emotional confessions

Synopsis: In The Confession of the Long Night. A truth-inducing ritual takes hold of a town-wide cocktail party, yielding volcanic emotional confessions and a surprising romantic connection for Nancy.


The Story

Picking up from the last episode. Ace has found himself trapped in a Liminal Space between worlds with Hannah Gruen and they only have until the next full moon to figure out a way to get back to our world. Meanwhile back in Horseshoe Bay, another murder has taken place just outside of Nicks’s new youth center. Added to them is the fact that the body that they have found was digging for a new kind of ore, which could revolutionize the world. So much so that it has gotten the interest of millionaire businessman Tylor Gillis, who tries to use his relationship with Ryan Hudson to get him access to the youth center.

All of these plans get scuppered. When Bess uses a truth spell on Temperance Hudson, which gets out of hand and pretty much has everyone at an annual charity ball confessing their true feelings to each other. This includes Tylor Gillis revealing his true plans for the youth center.


The Acting

We get a solid performance from Maddison Jaizani this week as we see Bess once again prove herself to be the comedic relief of the Drew Crew. The episode is very much a comedic farce where an accident leads to a series of comedic and dramatic events. Also fun was Jaizani’s scenes with Rachel Colwell who is Bess’s new love interest Addy. These two women have a fun chemistry that works pretty well and we get to see a few nice scenes with them. I loved the scene where Addy suddenly learns that Bess has been serious when she has been talking about witches and magic.

Also good this week is Carmen Moore who returns as Hannah Gruen. She gets some great scenes with Alex Saxon’s Ace where she is basically teaching him how to move things around while he is in the liminal space with her.



While this was a lot of fun. It isn’t the best episode we have seen. For started the dead body found outside of Nick’s youth club felt more like a plot device than it did an actual murder investigation. The body is found and the subsequent investigation was very much a means to introduce the rare Ore that has everyone doing cartwheels. On a positive note. I did enjoy how Bess’s accident with Truth serum leads to us learning more about the ore and why it is important. Having Tylor make his confession to Ryan at the close of the episode was funny.

On a not-so-great note. I felt the storyline with Ace and Hannah being in the liminal space was very rushed.

Overall. Probably the weakest episode of the season thus far.



Nancy Drew (S3 - EP10) The Confession of the Long Night
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