In Review: Nancy Drew (S3 – EP1) The Warming of a Frozen Heart

The Warming of a Frozen Heart starts a whole new mystery for the Drew Crew to solve.
Frozen Heart

Synopsis: The Warming of a Frozen Heart starts a whole new mystery for the Drew Crew to solve. It’s Horseshoe Bay’s annual Harvest Carnival and the discovery of a body in the cornfields draws Nancy into a new investigation.


The Story

Things have moved on a little since we last saw Nancy Drew. She is now officially a Hudson and with her grandfather being in Custody. She is now the sole beneficiary of his entire estate. As such one of her first duties is to officiate Horseshoe Bay’s annual Harvest Festival. But things get interesting when the body with its heart cut out is discovered in the cornfields. Of course with a new mystery to get their teeth into. Nancy and the Drew crew start to get the band back together and while investigating they have a chance to meet with Temperance Hudson who is Nancy’s 200-year-old witchy aunt. Temperance hits the crew with a quite scary tarot reading.

Added to all of this Nancy is keen to help the new FBI agent that has pulled into town with his investigation. But finds herself getting the cold shoulder.


The Acting

Bo Martynowska does a brilliant job of giving us a scary vibe as Nancy’s Aunt Temperance. Though she only has two brief scenes in the episode the actor does a  superb job of selling herself as a scary Witch. The scene where she gives Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and her friends the scary Tarot reading is brilliantly performed. Helped no less by some really effective lighting to provide that spooky house feel.

Scott Wolf and Riley Smith continue to provide an odd-couple vibe as Carson and Ryan. Who are effectively Nancy’s two fathers. The comedy has been amped up a little by the fact that the two now live under the same roof with Nancy. Of course with Ryan no longer having his wealth now that Nancy has given much of the Hudson fortune away. He is still struggling with working to an average person’s budget, which makes for a rather fun scene where Ryan does the grocery shopping.



The Warming of a Frozen Heart does what it sets out to do, which is set up a new mystery. Furthermore, we also get some character development for some of the characters. Particularly Ned and Georgia who get a fun scene where Ned proposes. But there is a definite feeling that their marriage is likely to be on hold until they and Nancy solve this new mystery. The addition of Temperance Hudson to the series is likely to make for some interesting times. However, we are pretty much in the dark as to whether or not she is behind the new murders. So we will likely have some fun plot twists ahead when it comes to her character.


If like us. You can’t wait for next week’s episode. Why not check out our fun little article that explores the origins of the Aglaeca and its connection to the medieval poem of Beowulf.

Nancy Drew (S3 - EP1) The Warming of a Frozen Heart
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