In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – EP8) The Quest for the Spider Sapphire

No one is more surprised than Bess when a blast from her past comes knocking. 
Spider Sapphire

Synopsis: In ‘The Quest for the Spider Sapphire’. Nancy and George work together to vanish the ghost who’s been timesharing George’s body since they defeated the Aglaeca. No one is more surprised than Bess when a blast from her past comes knocking.


The Story

While Nancy and George look into ways they can get rid of the spirit of Odette Lamar who has been timesharing George’s body. Bess finds herself cornered by her old partner in crime from before she came to America. In short, he is blackmailing Bess to make her steal a rare watch from her Aunt Diana.

Meanwhile, Ryan Hudson is still helping Nick, but it seems that someone else is interested in Ryan and his family secrets.


The Acting

We get some great performances this week. The most notable mentions go to Leah Lewis who manages to portray both George and Odette Lamar. The scene where Nancy (Kennedy McMann) are tied up was a lot of fun. Lewis does a pretty good accent and manages to sustain it throughout her scenes where the spirit of Odette is speaking to Nancy.

We also get solid performances from Maddison Jaizani as Bess Marvin. The scenes of her and Diana play a pretty important part in the episode. And that final scene between them is heartbreaking.



A fairly good episode, which reveals something interesting about the shroud that saved Georges’s life. Basically, if someone else uses the shroud. It will kill George. Which pretty much means that George will have to figure out a timesharing arrangement between herself and Odette. Which could be a fun concept for the writers to run with in future episodes. And hopefully, they do because I loved the scenes between George/Odette and Nancy.

This was also a great episode for Bess in that it delved into her criminal past and reminded us about how much having a family and a sense of identity means to Bess. As Ace reminds her. She has a family with George, Nancy, him, and Nick who all accept her for who she is.

Overall. A solid episode for character development. But I do hope Bess gets a chance to redeem herself with her Aunt. Given that she was so obviously set up when it came to the theft of the Spider Sapphire.


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Nancy Drew (S2 - EP8) The Quest for the Spider Sapphire
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