In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – EP5) The Drowned Woman

Tensions flare between Nancy and the Drew Crew as they continue to fight the Aglaeca
The Drowned Woman

Synopsis: In ‘The Drowned Woman. Tensions flare between Nancy and the Drew Crew as they continue to fight the Aglaeca. Meanwhile, Bess makes a mistake that could cause all of them their lives. Lastly, George has a beautiful bonding moment with her sisters.


The Story

Having figured out that they need the portent sand to defeat the Aglaeca. Nancy asks all her friends to go look for their sand so that they can hopefully use it to stop the Aglaeca. However, when they go to look. They find that all the sand is missing because Bess has thrown it all away while cleaning. Understandably, Nancy and her friends are angry at Bess and they all turn on each other as the stress of their imminent deaths puts them under pressure.

Luckily, Nancy finds some of the portent sand when she meets up with Ryan and Carson who happen to be following her. It turns out that Ryan hoovered up some of the sand that messed up his car on the night that they summoned the Aglaeca. So armed with the new batch of sand. Nancy splits it into five bags. One for her and the other four for the drew crew. Question is. Will the sand work or will it take a different approach to stop the Aglaeca?


The Acting

It goes without saying that all the cast brought their best efforts to this episode, but they still looked remarkably healthy considering that their characters have likely been awake for several days by this point. There was not a red-eye among them. Or a single zit for that matter. Kennedy McMann does a great job as Nancy and gets a brilliant scene with Scott Wolf. Which sees Nancy seek some comfort from the man who had been a father to her. There comes a point in the episode when Nancy and her friends have pretty much given up any hope of surviving the night and seek to settle any outstanding issues. And all those scenes where the drew crew looks to make peace with each other are brilliantly done.

We even get a very nice scene from Leah Lewis as George shares a really nice moment with her sisters. Although given what happens toward the end of the episode. This scene is pretty much foreshadowing.



‘The Drowned Woman’ was initially intended as the season one finale of the series. But due to obvious reasons, it got delayed. The episode was really strong and felt very much like it should have been a season finale. Especially in light of how it ends and the sacrifice that Nancy and her friends have to make, but wind up not making. Which is all great set up for what is to come.

To be blunt. I don’t think Nancy and her Drew crew are going to be getting any sleep. And that is despite having settled things with the Aglaeca. There is now a bigger problem for them to solve and I do not think it will end well for them. Someone will end up having to pay the toll, which Nancy pushed the pause button on.

Nancy Drew (S2 - EP5) The Drowned Woman
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