In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – Ep4) The Fate of The Buried Treasure

Nancy and the Drew Crew race against time to find a way to destroy the Aclaeca
The Buried Treasure

Synopsis: In ‘The Fate of The Buried Treasure’. Nancy and the Drew Crew race against time to find a way to destroy the Aclaeca before she can destroy them. Meanwhile, Ace reaches out to Carson for a favor.


The Story

While Nancy, Bess, and Ned investigate the truth behind the Aglaeca in search of a buried treasure. Ace enlists the help of Carson Drew and Ryan Hudson to obtain a rare Divot Box from a nearby museum.

Meanwhile, Nancy’s investigation into the story of Odette Lamar aka The Aglaeca connects to a shameful incident in the Marvin family. But it is a mystery that could hold the key to defeating the Aglaeca.


The Acting

Riley Smith and Scott Wolf have some great scenes as Ryan Hudson and Carson Drew bicker about their familial connections to Nancy. Eventually winding up with them both coming to terms with their situation. I really enjoyed the scene when Carson advises Ryan about how best to approach a conversation with Nancy.

Kennedy McMann powers on all cylinders for this episode as Nancy gets to express a range of emotions ranging from perky optimism to outright terror. The scene where she visits Agnes Marvin’s ghost is handled really well as is the scene when Ryan tries to be the father that he never had the chance to be.

We also get a solid performance from Leah Lewis as we see Georgia fearing for how her younger sister will cope without her.



This is probably the strongest episode of the season thus far in that we really get to see a mystery that plays out to its conclusion and the eventual recovery of The Buried Treasure. A necklace, which Agnes Marvin left behind. Furthermore, I loved how we got drip-fed the story of Odette Lamar. Which is a truly tragic story of a great injustice.

Overall. A great episode.

Nancy Drew (S2 - Ep4) The Fate of The Buried Treasure
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