In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – Ep2) The Reunion of Lost Souls

Nancy and the Drew Crew continue to search for clues to battle the Aglaeca.
The Reunion of Lost Souls

Synopsis: In ‘The Reunion of Lost Souls’. Nancy and the Drew Crew continue to search for clues to battle the Aglaeca. George has an unfortunate first encounter with Nick’s visiting mother.


The Story

Having been awake for 36 hours while trying to find a way to stop the Aglaeca. Nancy and her friends further their efforts to find a 45-inch vinyl record of the Sea Shanty. Now armed with new information about the last person to possess the record. Nancy and the team uncover an old unsolved murder investigation. Furthermore, Nick is being haunted by the ghost of Johnny Mack who believes Nick is his old friend Buddy who allegedly stole the recording of the Sea Shanty. Further complicating matters is the arrival of Nick’s mother Millie.

Finding out that Johnny Mack murdered Buddy. The drew crew must race to find the Vinyl record so they can save Nick’s life and free the spirits of the previous group of people to have been killed by the Aglaeca.


The Acting

It has to be said that all the leads in this episode didn’t seem to have any red-eye. Especially given that they’d supposedly been awake for 36 hours. Indeed the only person that looks a bit battered by the end of the episode is Tunji Kasim as Ned “Nick” Nickerson.

This criticism aside and with the cast being decidedly ungrunged and free of red-eye and the effects of staying awake too long. We get some solid performances. Tunji Kasim gets some great scenes and does some good physical acting as he is consistently beaten up by the ghost of Johnny Mac.  Jeryl Prescott also adds a great deal of drama as Nick’s mother. Who is not to be messed with. Nick’s final scene with his mother is pretty strong and kind of emotional. Especially given the fact that he is holding some information back from her in regards to the curse.

Kennedy McMann continues to impress as Nancy and is supported by a solid supporting cast.



‘The Reunion of Lost Souls’ turns out to be a pretty solid episode. If you can ignore the fact that the Drew crew shouldn’t really be looking as good as they are. Especially if you consider the fact that they have been haunted by the Aglaeca for over 36 hours by this point in the story. Which has me wondering if the production team could only use light touch make-up because of Covid 19 rules? If that is the case. It’s a real shame because making the Drew crew look a little more haggard would have added so much more to the story.

Overall. It a pretty good story, which adds nicely to the story arc.


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Nancy Drew (S2 - Ep2) The Reunion of Lost Souls
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