In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – Ep16) The Purloined Keys

Ryan and the Drew Crew work together to find a way to bring down Everett.
Purloined Keys

Synopsis: In ‘The Purloined Keys’. Ryan and the Drew Crew work together to find a way to bring down Everett. Meanwhile, Carson gives Nancy a word of warning.


The Story

‘The Purloined Keys’ sees Nancy being hired by Everett Hudson to investigate an informant. Unfortunately for Nancy. Ryan and Ned [Nick] Nickerson are also chasing a lead by the same informant. But when Ned and Ryan go to the hotel where their informant is supposed to be staying. All they find is his dead body and a note. Meanwhile, Nancy is being left out in the cold by Ned and Ryan because they don’t trust her, which ultimately proves to be a mistake on their part. Especially when they find out about a haunted videotape that allegedly has footage of Everett committing a murder.


The Acting

Kennedy McMann is fully invested for this episode as Nancy pretty much has to go it alone as she accepts a job from Everett. One of her best scenes is when she meets Ned and Ryan at the prison gates where she is hoping to link in with the investigation but instead gets the cold shoulder. Teryl Rothery also puts in a great performance as her character of Celia Hudson becomes the surprise plot twist. And I will not say more than that.



‘The Purloined Keys’ is perhaps amongst the best episodes of this year. I really enjoyed seeing Nancy having to investigate on her own while Ned and Ryan pursued a separate investigation. The mystery element of this episode was fun as was the competitiveness of Nancy going up against Ryan and Ned to find answers. But perhaps the best element of this episode was the carefully planted twist, which is saved to the very end.

Overall. A great episode that will likely be getting talked about by the fans until we get to see the fallout in next week’s show.


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Nancy Drew (S2 - Ep16) The Purloined Keys
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