In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – Ep12) The Trail of the Missing Witness

Nancy and Celia Hudson go head to head. Also, Ace begins to learn more about his brother.
Missing Witness

Synopsis: In ‘The Trail of the Missing Witness’. Nancy and Celia Hudson go head to head. Also, Ace begins to learn more about his brother.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Celia Hudson tries to persuade Nancy into changing her testimony against Everet Hudson. She tells Nancy that there is now a missing witness from the case.

Meanwhile, Ace meets his brother Grant and finds that he needs some help from Nancy. We learn that Grant’s mother was involved with Ace’s father during a really big court case that took down a corrupt corporation. Unfortunately, a hitman who was in witness protection is looking to try and get back into an organization and needs information that Grant’s mother hid. So, Nancy and Ace help Grant find the information and deal with the hitman. But when it looks like Ace’s life is in danger. Nancy winds up having to make a very tough choice and calls Celia for help.


The Acting

Shannon Kook puts in a solid performance as Ace’s brother Grant and generally shows off pretty decent chemistry with Alex Saxon’s Ace. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where they were picking each other’s brains about their favorite music and TV shows. It made for a believable dialogue between brothers. I also thought the very last scene where Grant meets his father for the first time was brilliantly done. It almost brought a tear to my eye, but I’m pretty sure it was just a fly.

Kennedy McMann has a pretty heated scene at the start of the episode with Teryl Rothery in which Celia gives Nancy a little bit of a reality check about the family that she has suddenly found herself to be a part of. Rothery does a superb job of playing her part in this scene in a very cool way. As in ice-cold. Pretty much telling Nancy what it’s going to take if she wants to feel safe as a member of the Hudson family.

We also get some pretty comedic moments from Maddison Jaizani as Bess finds a letter in her work locker from Odette Lamar. This makes for a brilliantly funny moment when George who shares her body with Odette finds Bess’s reply.



This was a pretty good episode, which explored a bit more about the corruption within the Hudson family, but also gave us the full story on Ace’s brother. However, finding out that Ace and Grant are not The Hardy Boys may well upset a few fans of the show. And I’m kind of in agreement with them. It was a missed opportunity. But I am pretty sure we will see The Hardy Boys eventually turn up at some stage because you can’t really have Nancy Drew go without them for too long of a time.

Overall. ‘The Trail of the Missing Witness’ was a fun episode with some really nice moments.

Nancy Drew (S2 - Ep12) The Trail of the Missing Witness
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