In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – Ep11) The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune

Nancy and the Drew Crew work together to help one of their own.
The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune

Synopsis: In ‘The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune’. Nancy and the Drew Crew work together to help one of their own. Meanwhile, Ryan has an interesting conversation with Celia.


The Story

When an archeology student comes to the historical society in a panic asking to use one of the artifacts to erase his memory. All hell breaks loose and Ned Nickerson winds losing his memory having used the artifact on himself. As Ned returns to the Drew Crew. Nancy and the team begin to put the pieces together and learn that Ned had wiped his memory as a means of self-preservation because he was being hunted by an ancient Viking Entity. As they start to work things out. Nancy and Ace, Beth, and Georgie also start losing their memories via means of the artifact. As they help each other figure out how to defeat the Viking entity.

On top of all of this. Nancy also has to deal with the fact that Celia Hudson has learned that she is the offspring of her son Ryan and she is likely to tell Everett.


The Acting

‘The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune’ had a few nice acting performances as we got to see what some of these characters would be like without their memories. Tunji Kasim gets the episode off to a strong start showing us how vulnerable Ned would be without his memories. I thought the scene where he was being questioned by Carson Drew and Captain Thom was really well acted. Especially Ned’s reaction to finding out that he’d already served time in jail for manslaughter. Anthony Natale was once again fantastic as Captain Thom. And the father-son scene he has toward the close of the episode with Ace was also great.

The episode also has some fun with Nancy erasing Celia’s memory by means of the artifact to buy her some time. Although I felt the payoff of that when Celia gets her memory back was a little tame. I personally would be fuming and spitting nails if someone wiped my memory. That said. Teryl Rothery puts in a fantastic performance and shows us just how sweet Celia can be when she is not fighting to retain the good name Hudson.



This was a fun episode for a bit of character development as well as giving us use for social media that doesn’t involve twerking, taking pictures of our dinner, or cute kitty pics. I mean who knew that you could defeat an ancient Viking entity by making its name go viral on Twitter. Joking aside. I really enjoyed the memory loss aspect of this show as well as the explanation of why Ned would forget most of his life, but still be able to communicate with sign language.

Nancy Drew (S2 - Ep11) The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune
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