In Review: Nancy Drew (S2 – EP10) The Spell of the Burning Bride

Nancy picks up a new investigating job involving the local florist and is pleasantly surprised when Gil Bobbsey is able to offer some assistance.
The Spell of the Burning Bride

Synopsis: In ‘The Spell of the Burning Bride’. Nancy picks up a new investigating job involving the local florist and is pleasantly surprised when Gil Bobbsey is able to offer some assistance. Meanwhile, Ace receives a cryptic text message.


The Story

When a local florist is robbed by a mysterious woman wearing an old-fashioned wedding gown. Nancy believes she is investigating another ghost. However, that soon changes when Gil Bobbsey is able to provide a little history about the dress. As the case develops. Nancy winds up working alongside Detective Tamura who brings his more grounded approach to things. Indeed, the more that they find out about the dress. The more supernatural the case becomes. Clearly, there is an issue with this wedding dress and it is not long before we find out.

Apparently, the dress was made to repress a woman’s desire and make the bride wearing the gown seem chased and proper. However, it is when Nancy and the detective solve this case that the real problems begin. Because in order to stop the perpetrator from robbing stores. Nancy has to take the dress off of her and burn it in some acid. However, when she does so. All the repressed sexual desire that has been contained in the dress infects Nancy who proceeds to have some very interesting encounters with the male folk of Horseshoe Bay. Thankfully, the Drew Crew is on hand to keep her from getting into too much trouble.


The Acting

This episode is comedy gold and gives the cast a chance to lighten up after what has been a series of intense storylines. Kennedy McMann does a great job of selling the moments where Nancy is going after guys with over a centuries worth of lust. She is seeing guys in slow-motion. Think Baywatch, but with the guys being the main focus. McMann’s facial expressions and her general sense of exasperation when Nancy is trying to get a grip on things creates some comedy gold. But I suspect it is only funny because Nancy is normally all business.

I also enjoyed Ryan-James Hatanaka’s performance as Detective Tamura who works with Nancy on the case. It was nice to see them get past their initial animosity toward each other and begin to see that they have more in common.

We also get a few fun moments from Leah Lewis as Georgie allows Odette Lamar some time in her body for a night out on the town. Odette decides to ask Bess to be her companion for the evening. What could possibly go wrong?



‘The Spell of the Burning Bride’ allows for a little more comedy to creep into the show. I loved the mythology built up around the dress and I really enjoyed McMann’s performance as we get to see an out-of-control Nancy Drew. ‘The Spell of the Burning Bride’ also gives us a little more development in Ace’s storyline, which concerns him finding his brother.

Overall. A really fun episode.

Nancy Drew (S2 - EP10) The Spell of the Burning Bride
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