In Review: Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #3

The team’s plan has been set into motion – but will they get caught in their own trap?

Synopsis: The team’s plan has been set into motion – but will they get caught in their own trap? The three teen detectives must keep up their appearances as criminals – and also stay alive! – while undercover with a band of thieves dead-set on pulling a major heist in of one of the most heavily-guarded places in Bayport!

Review: The plot thickens as Anthony Del Col’s story moves into caper territory.

Nancy, Frank and Joe are tasked with the job of ripping off some hard drives from the local police station. A job, which should prove that they are good enough to join the Rover’s gang.

But with everything. The devil is in the details.

Much of the story involves Frank, Joe and Nancy working out their plan for the robbery. Which proves to be a lot of fun as we get to see the layout of the police station as well as Frank and Joe thinking back to their childhood when they’d visit their dad at work.

The story this week is narrated by Frank who talks about his brothers smart mouth getting them into trouble, but also getting them out of some pretty tricky situations.

When the robbery at the police station goes off. It plays out a little bit like your classic heist stories. Its not quite ‘Oceans 11’, but it has the same level of excitement to it, but in comic book form. Especially when Nancy’s father comes into the evidence room when they are trying to steal the hard drives.

Much like last month artist Werther Dell’Edera and colourist Stefano Simeone work well together. They manage to convey the tension of the heist as it goes down with some great work on the characters facial expressions.

The story ends with the team looking at the hard drives and wondering what the Rovers want with them. I’m sure we’ll get to find out in the next issue.

Thus far this story is proving to be very enjoyable. I hope that it continues in this way. So we can enjoy more stories in the future.

Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #3
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