In Review: Nancy Drew #4

The Plot Thickens

Synopsis: The bodies are piling up, the cops won’t help, the suspects won’t talk. Nancy and crew have one move: Infiltrate the PALACE OF WISDOM, a pop-up club full of danger and drugs. Will Nancy be able to crack the case before she, or one of her crew, is targeted next?

Review: This latest issue offers up some more intrigue as Nancy Drew and her friends begin to edge ever closer to figuring out how the murder of pets mother connects with a small bar in Bayport.

The Story

Kelly Thompson continues to deliver the goods with an intriguing murder mystery for Nancy Drew and her friends.

I really enjoyed the moment where Nancy is explaining how people tend to overreach when they asked a question. How when one asks the time the correct answer should really be a simple yes or a no, but it is our nature to overreach and give a person the time. This is how she explains to Pete that the bar owner where his late mother used to work had perhaps given her more information by what he didn’t say as well as how specifically he answered some of her questions.

The group dynamic of Nancy’s team is still upset by the fact that Nancy just hasn’t got to grips with using her phone or answering text messages. Which is a point that comes into play when she is sent an urgent text when they attend a party in order to score some drugs to analyze at a later date?

The story ends on a satisfying cliffhanger, which will have fans on the edge of their seats for a whole month.

The Artwork

The artwork continues to be of solid quality, but the anime style of art being uses as in big eyes and so forth isn’t really my thing, but oddly works well for this story. Especially on the final few pages of this issue.

Jenn St-Onge draws some really nice backgrounds in this issue. I loved how she drew the bar where Nancy and Pete go to find out more information about the circumstances of his mother’s death.

I also thought the party scenes in the second half of the issue were really well done.


This is another strong issue, which has me intrigued enough to tune in next month.

Nancy Drew #4
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