In Review: Nancy Drew #2

Nancy’s returned to her hometown of Bayport to sniff out the sender of an ominous letter that may have to do with her mother's death seven years ago

Synopsis: Nancy’s returned to her hometown of Bayport to sniff out the sender of an ominous letter that may have to do with her mother’s death seven years ago. Re-teaming with her childhood crime-solving team — Bess, George, and The Hardy Boys — Nancy is determined to get to the bottom of things. But she hasn’t even been back in town a day, and someone’s already tried to kill them once.

Review: Picking up from where the last issue left off. Nancy and the gang have all fell victim to what seems to be attempted murder and with the whole gang passed out, we get a flashback to Nancy’s childhood and the day that her mother died, which kind of connects with the murder she and her friends are investigating.

This is another nice issue, which introduces us to a new character who Nancy winds up working with on the investigation. I really enjoyed the flashback sequence near the beginning of the issue where we get a sense of the group dynamic between Nancy, The Hardy Boys and her other friends and what we get is much bickering between the kids and Nancy forever asserting her place as the leader. We also get a little bit of humor in the issue via Nancy’s thoughts about how her various friends deal with being unconscious.

The mystery has opened up a little thanks to the introduction of Pete who is black and talks about some of his issues surrounding that and how he had some misplaced anger toward Nancy and her parents when he was a kid. I think the message was loud and clear in this issue and I can definitely see it being difficult being the only black family in a neighborhood that is mostly white people. It will be interesting to see where this goes as the friendship between Nancy and Pete evolves. Was the murder of Pete’s mother to do with someone’s racial hatred or were there other reasons for it?

Kelly Thompson’s dialogue between the various characters remains strong and I am hoping that we get a bit more of Nancy and Pete working together in the coming issues, but also hope we get to see some of Nancy’s friends come back into the story as well. This issue does not leave them in a good place as far as their relationship goes with Nancy.

The Artwork by Jen St-onge continues to do some really nice things. I loved the drawings of Nancy and the gang when they were kids exploring the same caves and the facial expressions are really well drawn. There is kind of a Japanese influence to the drawing with the use of rather large eyes.

Nancy Drew #2
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