In Review: Mythica — A Quest for Heroes

Mythica: Quest for Heroes is the first film in a planned trilogy set to debut on the on-demand streaming channel CONtv, celebrating all things Comic Con, on March 31st.

Synopsis: Inspired by her Wizard mentor Gojun, Marek escapes indentured servitude and overcomes physical limitations to hone her own mysterious powers. When the beautiful Priestess Teela falls victim to a massive Ogre, Marek rallies a misfit team of adventurers, including Thane the Warrior and Dagen the Thief to join her in a fight to save Teela’s sister and their Legacy.

Review:  Mythica: Quest for Heroes is the first film in a planned trilogy set to debut on the on-demand streaming channel CONtv, celebrating all things Comic Con, on March 31st The product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, this film is a solid opening chapter in the Mythica saga. It does what first chapters must do — establishes characters, settings, conflicts, and themes. Regarding those, there’s mostly nothing new here, and that’s perfectly fine. The Mythica universe is meant to be an unabashed celebration of role-playing tropes. What is refreshing within those tropes is that the central character Marek is a woman. It’s Marek who faces the existential struggles usually reserved for men in these narratives.

Subjectively, I really hope they resolve the romantic elements of the plot relatively quickly in the subsequent films. Most variations of love triangle bore me to tears. I would rather have stories with already committed couples than the standard will they/won’t they stuff. I was also surprised that Kevin Sorbo played a wizard who whizzed out stage left in the first act. Considering his background, I hope he’s given more than exposition in the remaining films.

The acting was straight from the performance through declamation school that’s all but required in stories of this kind, and the cast acquitted themselves fairly well. As they’re just getting their feet under them, I’m looking forward to Mythica: The Darkspore and Mythica: The Necromancer to see how they flesh out their roles.

Despite the engaging storyline and confident acting some of the CGI most notably in some of the more static shots of the village at the beginning of the film was ropey to say the least. At one point I thought I was watching a video game from the mid 90s. In some of the more action orientated bits of the film the CGI is at a similar level than what we got in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, but in the more static scenes where it involved a CGI set it was pretty weak.

I enjoyed some of the choices that this film made with music. There’s some pretty cool guitar music at around the 10 to 15 minute mark, which had me wanting to pick up my own acoustic guitar and strum along to it.

The movie is available as of tomorrow on the new CONtv service, which is described as Netflix for geeks. It’s worth a look for those that are fans of shows such as Xena and Hercules and the main character of Marek is very likable.


Melanie Stone as Marek

Jake Stormoen as Dagen

Nicola Posener as Teela

Adam Johnson as Thane

Kevin Sorbo as Gojun

Directed by Anne K. Black

Mythica — A Quest for Heroes
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  • CGI
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  • Acting
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  • Incidental Music

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