In Review: Myth A Frozen Tale (Disney +)

Disney hits one out of the ballpark by keeping the story simple. Furthermore, they add an extra dose of magic to the world of Frozen

Synopsis: Myth cleverly tells a story within a story. Set within an enchanted forest outside of Arendelle. A family sits down for a magical bedtime story.

Review: This magical film was originally made as a Virtual Reality experience and has been transposed into a 2D version for Disney+ viewers.

Disney hits one out of the ballpark by keeping the story simple. Furthermore, they add an extra dose of magic to the world of Frozen. Indeed, this film is very much in the spirit of Fantasia. And much like that film, we see a seamless blend of music and animation.


The Story

The story is not an overly complicated one. Indeed it is a story within a story and a nice addition to the world of Frozen. Unlike longer form animations, which can sometimes be a bit bloated. Myth doesn’t waste a single moment.

The story begins with a family enthusiastically wanting to hear a story. Indeed the children are excited and their parents are pleased to indulge. As they tell a story about magical horses, giants, and more. Nevertheless, we are soon transported into a whole new world. An enchanted forest with stone pillars with runes on them.

We then see an explosion of colour as a creature of some sort skitters across the screen and begins a chain of events. Among the trees and the river, we see a magical horse come out to drink. As the animation closes out we see a giant that stamps its foot down and snuffs the magical world out. With this final note, we hear the storyteller talk of the spirits and how the fifth spirit, which is humanity went out of sync with the rest of the spirits. Those other spirits most likely being the elements of nature.


The Animation

Overall the animation in this film is beautiful and works pretty well on traditional television screens. But I would suggest that it would be much more immersive if you had a surround sound system of some kind to add a little extra depth to the film. I loved how the animation had a very simple colour palette and took a less is more approach. The use of Black, White, Purples, Pinks, and subtle shades of other colours really make this a treat.

My favorite moment has to be when we see the white horse emerge and the ripples it makes as it touches the water.

All the animation is further enhanced by some beautiful music, which really enhances what is happening on the screen. The storyteller or narrator if you like is used very sparingly.



Given that this was originally made as a virtual reality experience. It is a bit of a triumph that the makers of this short have managed to transpose it to a traditional screen. And I say this having experienced a number of VR films. It’s beautifully done and seeing this on the TV Screen makes me quite excited for what it is like to view in VR where you can see all 360 degrees.

To sum up. This film translates well and will wow both children and adults alike on the television screens. Of course, it cannot possibly compare to the VR version. But it does a pretty good job of conveying the scale of the world. And still manages to entertain. It’s one that you may find yourself re-watching to try and spot something you may have missed on the first viewing.

Myth A Frozen Tale (Disney +)
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