In Review: Mycroft Holmes And The Apocalypse Handbook #4

The game is afoot as Holmes enlists some help from Jesse James.

Synopsis: In search of the purloined Apocalypse Handbook, Mycroft Holmes and Lark Adler criss-cross the United States, facing danger and intrigue at every turn. But what does the latest heist of Jesse James and his band of outlaws have to do with their quest? And what traumas and triumphs have shaped Mycroft into the man he is today?

Review: The story picks up from where the last issue left off with Holmes and Adler meeting the legendary train robber Jesse James and his gang.

Adler who has past ties with Jesse James having taken payment to break him out of prison brokers a deal between Mycroft and the gang, which takes things back to their base camp.

While at the base camp Mycroft and Adler initiate a search of all the mail that the James gang have pinched in order to find the blue prints for the various inventive weapons that are in the handbook.

The characterisations of the various members of the James gang are drawn and written really well, but I couldn’t help but see the double cross coming given that these things never are quite as straightforward as you thing they will be.

I loved the character interactions between Adler and Holmes as they were going through the mail. It allowed opportunity for Holmes to find out a little about her and in turn helped make her a more relatable character for us readers.

The writing of this comic continues to be top notch. Raymond Obstfeild has been doing an awesome job of transcribing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s novel into a comic book and has been helped massively by the brilliant art of Joshua Cassara.

The colour work by Luis Guerrero is fantastic and really highlights Cassara’s line work in the best possible light. I loved how Guerrero picked just the right colour combinations to give us a cool representation of the dusty and rugged wild west.

I look forward to the final issue, which will be a brilliant way to kick off 2017.

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