In Review: My Date With Monsters #2

What’s one more monster in a world filled with horror?

Synopsis: This month on My Date With Monsters. What’s one more monster in a world filled with horror? A LOT. really. when it’s as bad as this one! Risa and Croak set off to fight this new terror. even as Risa fights the knowledge that the only true way she can save the world is by falling in love. like…maybe she should go on some of those dates her daughter set up for her? It’s a choice between the creeps and the creepy!


The Story

Picking things up from where the last issue left off. A young boy in Machi’s school has not taken his dream suppressants and has unwittingly released a monster that wears a kabuki mask. Having murdered the entire class. The monster turns its attention to Machi. Meanwhile, Risa and Croak are racing across town to try and save Machi from the Monster. But it seems that the Monster is not out to kill Machi. At least not right away. Instead, the Monster steals a few strands of Machi’s hair and tells her to let Croak know that he is too late.

Frustrated by how close a monster came to murdering her daughter. Risa throws herself into figuring out what kind of monster it was. Meanwhile, back at the house. Machi sets up some more dates for her mother to go on. It is her hope that her mum can find love, which is the only way that the portal that lets monsters come into the world can be closed.

Back in Utah. The general ramps up the basic training for all candidates who are preparing themselves for a date with Risa.


The Artwork

Andy MacDonald continues to populate Paul Tobin’s book with plenty of monsters. I loved the panels where Risa is in her lab looking through a database of monsters. The Shirime Buttocks Eye Monster is particularly fun. I also enjoyed the series of panels where Machi is setting her mum up with dates. The look of total utter bemusement on Croak’s face is hilarious. Especially when Machi asks if she should add a few women into the mix.

I also loved the sequence near the beginning of the book where Croak runs through the portal that is connecting our world to the monster world.



This second issue of My Date With Monsters adds a few new twists to the story. And I love how outrageously brilliantly written the Kabuki Masked monster’s dialogue is. I can’t wait to get my mitts on issue three.

My Date With Monsters #2
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