In Review: Ms. Marvel (S1 – Ep. 2) – Crushed

Did someone say ice cream pizza?

Synopsis: Kamala and Bruno explore the source of her newfound powers just in time for a perilous adventure.

The Story

The day after Avengercon,  Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) returns to school, and runs into a handsome new student, Kamran (Rish Shah). She, Bruno (Matt Lintz), and Nakia witness Zoe Zimmer (Laurel Marsden) bragging about her con experience, dubbing the secretive hero who saved her as “Night Light.” Zoe is throwing a party at her house, which Kamala was going to pass on until she learned Kamran, much to Bruno’s dismay, will be there.

Bruno assists Kamala as she tests out her new found powers. She can create “hard light” on which she can walk. She has no super strength. Bruno determines that her power isn’t from her great-grandmother’s bangle, but comes from within her.

Kamala and Nakia arrive late for a prayer service at their mosque, where the women must pray in a bad section of the mosque.  There, she suggests that Nakia run for the Mosque board, to try to air the women’s grievances, that include the mold under the mats on the floor, and their shoes being stolen while in services.

At the party at Zoe’s house, Kamala encounters Kamran, but she, Bruno, and Kamran leave the party when police, and Damage Control, raid it. Kamran gives Kamala his phone number, offering to give her driving lessons. Bruno is clearly uncomfortable with Kamala’s interest in Kamran.

Kamala arrives home, happily imagining she’s singing “Be My Baby,” clearly crushing on Kamran, who tex ts her to arrange a driving lesson.

Bruno meets with his school counselor, who tells him he’s been enrolled early into a program at CalTech, which is 3,000 miles away from Jersey City. Bruno isn’t particularly thrilled about leaving Kamala for six months. After school, Bruno meets with Kamala to test her powers, but she made a date with Kamran for a driving lesson.

Later, at dinner with her family, Kamala tries to find out what happened to her great-grandmother, but nobody will tell her. Instead, she finds any info about her is hushed. She called her grandmother, to get more info about her great-grandmother Aisha and the mystical bangle, but is interrupted by her father.

At an Eid Mubarak festival, Nakia, Kamala, and Bruno campaign to get Nakia elected to their Mosque board. While the “Illumin-Aunties” tell Kamala something about Aisha, a little bout falls from a high tower, hanging on to a tearing curtain. “Night Light” appears to save the boy, whose favorite food is ice cream pizza. She uses that to keep him distracted as she uses her hard light to save him. During the rescue, she sees an apparition of a woman calling to her. She’s distracted, and drops the boy, but saves him before he hits the ground.

Damage Control interrogates Zoe Zimmer, trying to find the girl with the powers from Avengercom. They find Kamala, sending drones after her to subdue her, but she is rescued by Kamran in his car. Also in the car is his mom, the woman she saw as an apparition.


Once again, Iman Vellani shines as Kamala Khan. Every moment she is on camera, her exhuberance is infectious.  Everyone in the episode turned in great performances, which made the episode thoroughly enjoyable.

CGI & Effects

Once again, the CGI and art direction in the series was not only well done, it enhanced the scenes, allowing us to see how Kamala’s mind works. The “100%’s” and happy stick figures and cartoon flames surrounding Kamran when she first meets him, tell you as much about Kamala as it does about him. Animation is used for both comic effect and to advance the story, as well as maintain the cheerful atmosphere if the story.


All of the Marvel Disney” series have been excellent so far, but this one may be my favorite. It’s upbeat, easy to watch, funny, and colorful, but still maintains an air of mystery, leaving us wanting more at the end of the episode. It’s every bit as good as ice cream pizza.


  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI & Effects
  • Music
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