In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S3 – EP7) She Returns

Allies converge to protect the Cession from occupation. The Camarilla march on the Cession, ready to invade under the guise of smoking out the fugitives.
She Returns

Synopsis: In She Returns Allies converge to protect the Cession from occupation. The Camarilla march on the Cession, ready to invade under the guise of smoking out the fugitives. Tally and Scylla team up. Abigail, Adil, and Anacostia seek out President Wade.


The Story

Following up on events in last week’s show. The Camarilla has been ordered to try and take the Cession and has ordered an army of Fort Salem’s cadets to help them with the invasion. Meanwhile, Thelma Bearkiller has been preparing for this moment and has formed a militia. But it seems that her militia could run up against a brick wall before it even starts. As Bearkiller’s cousin and a fellow Cession member have sold her out to the Camarilla. Luckily, Tally and Scylla are aware of the issue and do what they can to save Bearkiller from the Camarilla.

Elsewhere, Abigail, Adil, and Anacostia try to find President Wade but need to contact the main warden to do so. But he has made himself very hard to reach. Things go wrong when the Camarilla comes and kills one of the Wardens in front of them, which is just enough to trigger a response from Abigail who strikes a blow against the Camarilla and Frees some of the cadets who have been under their influence.

Over in Spain. Adler is looking for the first song. But is not able to get to it as it was lost in the past. So now Adler must enlist Tally’s help to go through time to obtain the first song. Adler tells Tally that successfully obtaining the first song could well make it unnecessary for Raelle to use the witch bomb.


The Acting

This episode sees Raelle (Taylor Hickson) reunite with her unit, but unfortunately, she does not get to reunite with Scylla. The reunion scene between the Unit is really nicely done and Raelle is given a really dramatic kick-ass entrance.

Olivia Lucas continues to rock it as Bearkiller who is fast becoming a really good addition to the series. I really enjoyed the scene where Bearkiller welcomes Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) into her militia.

We also get a really strong performance from Jessica Sutton as Tally who continues to have really strong chemistry with Amalia Holm’s Scylla.



She Returns very much lives up to its title as we see Raelle return to the group. But before that happens there is a whole lot of other stuff that goes down. I loved the scene where Adler goes into the antique store for her meeting with owner drops an awful lot of mythology to do with the witches and how they were hunted in the past. The store owner is a former high-level member of The Camarilla.

Overall. A really solid episode that brings Raelle back into the fold, which is only going to up the ante in the next few weeks.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S3 - EP7) She Returns
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