In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S3 – EP2) The Price of Work

The group seeks sanctuary in the mysterious Cession. The Unit learns the Camarilla is directly targeting the Mycelium
The Price of Work

Synopsis: In The Price of Work. The group seeks sanctuary in the mysterious Cession. The Unit learns the Camarilla is directly targeting the Mycelium, inspiring them to strike back. Petra and Anacostia work to determine President Wade’s allegiance.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Hearst and the Camarilla have figured out a way to poison the Mycelium, which is the source of power to all the Witches. To this end, they have set up their first test in a manufacturing plant and the poison takes effect almost instantly. With the Mycelium in danger, the network reaches out to Raelle Collar and takes her underground to help the network heal. 

Meanwhile, Abigail, Tally, Nicte, Scylla, and Adil are ordered to survey the manufacturing plant where the poison is being made. But upon seeing Hearst the unit decides to go after him in hopes of capturing him.

Meanwhile, back at Fort Salem. Petra and Anacostia host an event for the President and Vice President to help them determine if the President is still on their side. To this end. Petra asks her mother who is an old acquaintance of the President to find out where she stands.

Having captured Hearst. The unit returns to their camp to find that no crickets are singing and Khalida has vanished. 


The Acting

As with last week. We get some solid acting performances in this episode. Bob Frazer continues to channel his inner bond villain as Hearst taunts the unit about Raelle not being with them. Jessica Sutton has a fantastically intense scene in which Tally gets Nicte to reveal her true face, which she says is the price of work.

We also get a subtle, and snide performance from Emilie Ullerup as one of the Camarilla leaders Kara Brandt who accompanies Vice President Silver to Fort Salem for the party that is put on for The President. The scene she has when she is pretending to be a bit drunk when she speaks briefly to Anacostia was a bit of a laugh. 



This was a solid episode, which built on events seen in last week’s episode and continued to develop the characters. I’m really enjoying how Tally is beginning to step forward as somewhat of a leader and the relationship she has formed with Nicte is both interesting and entertaining to watch.

We get left with an interesting scene with Raelle who is now underground with the Mycelium, which could well be setting up some fun plot developments for next week.

The episode also featured some nice action beats in which the unit takes down most of the Camarilla at the manufacturing plant.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S3 - EP2) The Price of Work
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