In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S3 – EP10) Revolution Part 2

Alder races across the world to find the final piece of the First Song.

Synopsis: Revolution Part 2 sees the Unit and their allies team up to fight the Camarilla. Alder races across the world to find the final piece of the First Song.


The Story

Having somehow survived having her throat slit in last week’s episode, but most likely kept alive by Alban Hearst. Izadora becomes somewhat of a key player in helping defeat the Camarilla while Abigail and the Unit work to try and take back Fort Salem. There is still a bit of concern from Tally that Raelle is going to let off a witch bomb, but it eventually dawns on her that she, Abigail, and Raelle are the keys to helping Mother aka The Mycelium do its or her thing. This realization gets brought home when Alder finds the final piece to the song and learns that it has been under her nose all along. She learns that the final piece is inside Abigail Bellweather and has been passed down through her ancestry. But due to slavery, the Bellweather family history was scattered about like a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. Alder learns this when she reads about a slave that had tremendous power, but always carried a song that she was fearful of singing. 

By the close of the episode the Unit that consists of Raelle, Abigail, and Tally sing the various pieces of the first song, which triggers a reaction from Mother that shoots forth through the entire planet and awakens all humanity to its true power. Every human being. Including what is left of the Camarilla becoming witches. And the Bellweather unit is made into goddesses.


The Acting

Ashley Nicole Williams plays her role of Abigail with real conviction this week as she awakens to the scale and size of her responsibility to her friends as well as to herself. We get some fun moments as Abigail and Adil plan their honeymoon while simultaneously taking various members of the Camarilla out. But it’s the moment where Abigail is told that she has the final piece to the song that really stands out. The look of surprise and awe that appears across Abigail’s face really sells it.

Bob Frazer gets his last hurrah as Alban Hearst who seems to have gradually become more of a mustache-twirling villain as the show has gone on. The scenes where he is telling President Silver what to say while simultaneously mocking Izadora, who he rather stupidly kept alive are so much fun. It is made more so by how deadpan Emilie Leclerc is when Izadora, who is obviously seething with anger, is toward him. This makes it so satisfying when Izadora makes her move against him. 

All the cast was superb in selling Revolution Part 2. As a viewer, I was really saddened to see Anacostia Quartermain get killed off. As she was a favorite character of mine. Her final scene with the Unit made for some brilliant foreshadowing and felt so much more relevant when we see what role the Unit had in helping the mycelium aka Mother do its thing. In fact, everyone in the world being awakened by this thing in the fictional context of this series kind of mirrors what some people could wind up happening for real within various spiritual communities. Which is something that made this series finale a little more fun to watch. As to whether I am a witch or not. I wouldn’t know. But I am owned by a Black cat. So maybe I am lol. 



Revolution Part 2 brings this series to a satisfying conclusion, but also kind of leaves things open should the writers wish to resurrect the characters and the world of Fort Salem at some future date. The final scene has a ‘The Future is unwritten’ vibe to it.

I really loved the final moment of Revolution Part 2  in which Mother speaks to the Unit through Alder and tells them that she long ago gave voices to six women who became the first witches. The mythology sewn throughout this series has been really good and perhaps one of my favorite parts of the show as I love stories of witches, mythology, gods, and folklore. So on that level, this show really sang to me.

Indeed, am going to miss Motherland: Fort Salem as it is one of those rare shows that entertains and makes you think, but also has likable, but flawed characters.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S3 - EP10) Revolution Part 2
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