In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S3 -EP 5) Cession in Session

The Council of the Great River convenes to hear the unit's testimony and decide whether to extradite them back to the United States

Synopsis: In Cession in Session The Council of the Great River convenes to hear the unit’s testimony and decide whether to extradite them back to the United States.


The Story

Things are not looking good for the witches as the Camarilla work fast to consolidate their victory and begin to let their influence take over Fort Salem. Among the first things they do is stop the cadets from learning the witches’ mother tongue.

Meanwhile, Abigail, Scylla, Tally, and Adil await their fate. As The Council of the Great River decides their fate. However, this is not as straightforward as it could be as a rather influential member of the Council is not interested in helping the unit in their fight against the Camarilla. In the past, the Council has usually allied itself with the Witches, but things are somewhat more complicated now.

Back at the Camarilla headquarters where all the partying happened in last week’s episode. Anacostia and Sterling manage to escape and learn what the Camarilla are up to. However, actually getting out of the compound is going to be another matter entirely. 

Making matters more urgent for the witches is the fact that Camarilla’s poison is beginning to really take hold of the Mycelium.


The Acting

The regular cast is on point as always. Which is just as well given the quality of the guest talent. Aaron Douglas makes another appearance as Colonel Jarrett who takes great pleasure in shutting down many of the classes that cadets take at Fort Salem. I guess it’s some leftover angst from the actor’s Cylon days. 

However, a standout for me was Olivia Lucas who played Thelma Bearkiller who is the Council member that managed to get the others to rule against sheltering the Unit. The scene where she pretty much stands her ground on the Council’s decision with the Unit and pretty much dismisses their warnings of the Camarilla threat was really well played. You got the impression that Bearkiller was spoiling for a fight and almost daring Abigail to take her on. Hopefully, she will have a bigger role as the series draws to a conclusion over the next few weeks. As I really enjoyed her performance.



The Cession in Session did a great job of continuing the story. We got to see all the different parts of the story coming together from The Unit awaiting the Council’s decision to Anacostia’s escape and Alder’s rescue of the Unit, which cost her quite a bit of strength. Seeing the Council of the Great River was a nice touch. Its almost a shame we never got to see more of them in earlier episodes as it would make a really interesting history lesson in the context of this show’s layered mythology.

Overall. A solid outing. This show is a weekly event for me. And I will miss it when it’s gone as there aren’t really enough shows with strong women on TV. At least not in the way that it has been done with Motherland.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S3 -EP 5) Cession in Session
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