In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S2 – EP8) Delusional

Tally leads the unit on a mind-bending mission to find Nicte Batan

Synopsis: In Delusional. Tally leads the unit on a mind-bending mission to find Nicte Batan — but is the unit strong enough to withstand Nicte’s defenses?


The Story

In light of the recent attacks on her person. General Adler assigns Tally to lead a squad with the sole mission of killing Nicte Batan. However, when General Petra Bellweather catches up with Tally before she leaves. She countermands the initial order and tasks Tally with capturing Nicte Batan.

In order to have a chance of success on this mission. Tally reunites with Abigail and Raelle. They are given a little extra help from Scylla who is beginning to question her allegiance to the Spree in light of recent scrapes with the Camarilla. Both Abigail and Tally reluctantly agree to allow Scylla to come along. As they begin their mission. The young witches find that capturing Nicte isn’t going to be easy.


The Acting

Taylor Hickson, Ashley Nicole Williams, Jessica Sutton, and Amalia Holm put in awesome performances as we see the Witches all played off against each other. Viewers get treated to a ding dong of a fight as Raelle, Abigail and Scylla begin to knock chunks out of each other as they find themselves being controlled by Nicte. Of course, while this is all happening. Tally is confronting Nicte and trying to persuade her into coming in peacefully.

All the principal characters had a lot to do in this episode and it was nice to see Raelle, Abigail, and Tally together again. Especially, given that each of these characters has had their own individual character arcs this season.



This episode picked things up from last week’s show beautifully. As you will recall. Tally pretty much identified the traitor among General Adler’s biddies and took her out. This gave Adler the idea to send Tally after Nicte. But the interesting element is going to be when we find out what Adler has been hiding and if Tally with help from her allies will be able to uncover the truth. Whatever that might be.

Added to all of this drama is the reconciliation between Raelle and Scylla, which is not likey to be a straightforward one.

Overall. Delusional delivers the goods.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S2 - EP8) Delusional
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