In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S2 – EP7) Irrevocable

Raelle fights for her life, just as the Army and Spree converge on a secret Camarilla stronghold.

Synopsis: In Irrevocable Raelle fights for her life, just as the Army and Spree converge on a secret Camarilla stronghold. Abigail and Adil’s mission for vengeance escalates.


The Story

Picking up from last week’s show. The Camarilla has taken Raelle and their leader, Alban Hearst, waste little time in trying to steal her vocal cords. However, he soon finds that trying to get Raelle’s vocal cords isn’t going to be so easy. Especially given the fact that she cannot die. At least not by traditional methods. 

While Raelle is being tortured. Abigail and Adil escalate their plan for revenge. Along the way, they face up to some of the prejudice against witches. Eventually when they reach the Camarilla stronghold. They meet up with Scylla and Willa and find themselves taking a role in Raelle’s rescue.

Back at Fort Salem. General Adler and her biddies are recovering from the Spree attack while simultaneously trying to coordinate Raelle’s rescue.


The Acting

Bob Frazer puts in a fantastic performance as Alban Hearst who seems to be part religious fanatic and part mad scientist. He does a brilliant job of selling the scenes where he is torturing Raelle and preaching at her. Likewise, Taylor Hickson does a great job of selling Raelle’s sense of anguish and rebellious spirit.

Diana Pavlovská also puts in a great performance as Raelle’s mother Willa who finally gets a short-lived reunion with her daughter while saving her life.



Irrevocable does a brilliant job of expanding the story from last week’s show. I loved the sequences where Raelle was in that alternate state of consciousness where she was speaking to the mycelium, which has merged with her. We also get some great action beats in which Abigail gets some payback on the Camarilla scum that stole her older sister’s vocal cords. I loved the CGI effects that were used when Adil was creating a hole in the wall. 

Overall. A fantastic episode that moved the story arc on while simultaneously escalating the conflict between Fort Salem, Camarilla, and The Spree.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S2 - EP7) Irrevocable
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