In Review: Motherland : Fort Salem (S2 – EP6) My 3 Dads

Raelle brings Tally home to the Cession, where they struggle with the past.
My 3 Dads

Synopsis: In My 3 Dads Raelle brings Tally home to the Cession, where they struggle with the past. Abigail is confronted with pressure from her family when Adil accompanies her home.


The Story

The girls take leave of Fort Salem for a break. Abigail and Adil go home with a plan in place to draw some blood from her dead sister’s corpse. However, their plan gets put on hold when Abigail’s mother arranges for her 3 dads to be home in order to try and force Abiagial into an arranged marriage. Elsewhere, Raelle introduces Raelle to her hometown of Cession and her father. But is unaware of imminent danger. Also, thanks to some information that one of Raelle’s family friends provides. Tally figures out that Nicte Batan whose military record has been erased is the person that formed the Spree.

Meanwhile, Izadora has learned something disturbing about the Camarilla’s biological weapon. While a Spree attack puts General Adler and her Biddies out of commission. Raelle and Tally find themselves targeted by the Camarilla. 


The Acting

Taylor Hickson and Jessica Sutton put in strong performances this week as both Raelle and Tally do a bit of digging into the past. I loved the scene where they talk to Raelle’s mother’s old friend and learn about the mines.

Arlen Aguayo-Stewart also puts in a strong performance as Nicte Batan. The soldier that Tally has been dreaming about. We learn that she is the head of the Spree and witness her leading a ritual sacrifice, which leads up to the attack on Adler and her biddies. 



My 3 Dads brings quite a few plot threads together as we finally learn more about Nicte Batan. The scenes with Abigail’s family presented us with a mix of drama and comedy. The comedy coming from Adil’s reaction to Abigails 3 Dads. And some tension coming from the scene where Abigail pretty much tells her mother that she is not ready to marry.

We also get left with a huge cliffhanger in which we see Raelle and Tally get taken down by the Camarilla and then there is the Spree attack on General Adler. Both events will make for some interesting story developments in next week’s show. I can’t wait to see how all of this pans out.

Motherland : Fort Salem (S2 - EP6) My 3 Dads
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