In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S2 – EP2) Abomination

The Unit begins War College, introducing them to their Coven and new challenges.

Synopsis: In ‘Abomination’. The Unit begins War College, introducing them to their Coven and new challenges. Anacostia and Scylla find themselves unlikely partners in a dangerous mission. Tally mentors a new recruit.


The Story

Picking up from last week. Scylla has managed to befriend a couple of activists who are campaigning against the Spree. However, when she is attending one of the rallies she meets Anacostia who has apparently been keeping tabs on her. The two form an unlikely partnership as they try to dig deeper into the organization, which they suspect has ties to the Camarilla.

Back at Fort Salem the Unit begins war college and meets with their new commanding officer M and slowly become immersed in their lessons. One of which sees Raelle and Abigail get taken by Izadora. Apparently, Raelle is the only Witch to have touched Mycelium and survived and subsequently still has a connection. Izadora is trying to figure out how it works for General Adler, but Raelle is completely unaware of this.

Still having recurring dreams from her brief time as one of Adler’s Biddie’s. Tally uncovers a secret about a former soldier who has been wiped from the fort’s history.


The Acting

Once again. Motherland delivers a bunch of solid acting performances as the narrative slowly chugs along at just the right pace. Amalia Holm once again impresses in her role of Scylla and the scenes between her and Anacostia (Demetria McKinney) have just the right amount of tension to them. Indeed, the implications of a member of The Spree and a Soldier from Fort Salem working together warrants more exploration. Especially given the personal history that these two share.

Emilie Leclerc also puts in a good turn as Izadora whose contempt for Raelle (Taylor Hickson) is so close to the surface when Izadora tells Adler that Raelle is an Abomination.



A fairly solid second episode, which builds nicely on the plot developments from last week’s show. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the secret soldier who Tally’s dreams appear to be uncovering. I also look forward to seeing the moment when Raelle realizes her true power and figures out why General Adler and Izadora are testing her so much.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S2 - EP2) Abomination
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