In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S2 – EP10) Revolution Part 1

The season two finale ends with a daring twist

Synopsis: In Revolution Part 1. The Camarilla brings the fight to Fort Salem. Raelle, Abigail, Tally, and their allies are forced to make impossible, world-changing choices.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. The season finale sees Fort Salem under attack from the Camarilla and Raelle, Abigail, and Tally at the center of the fightback. But the attack pushes Abigail’s squad into having to make a very difficult choice when they learn that the witch plague is being spread by the Vice Presidents’ daughter. Although, forced to step down and relinquish her command. Adler volunteers to help General Bellweather in her efforts to take back Fort Salem. But sadly loses her life in the effort or does she?

Indeed, a Revolution is in the early stages and the Camarilla is the tinder box that has lit the fuse. In the aftermath of the attack. Vice President Silver wants justice for the death of his daughter and pushes for charges to be brought against Raelle, Abigail and Tally. Added to that. The President is taking a hardline and is insisting that the three witches be put into her custody. It seems that the Spree and the Army are no going to pull together as they fight against both the Camarilla and the US Government, which the Camarilla has seemingly infiltrated.


The Acting

Jessica Sutton puts in a solid performance this week as Tally has a lot to deal with. She has a great moment in the episode where Tally figures out the sound frequency that the Camarilla are using to block attacks. But it’s the moment where they all have to decide to kill Penelope Silver to shut down The Camarilla’s plague bomb that really hits. The heartbreak and empathy that tally feels for the cadet are written all over her face. Thankfully, Arlen Aguayo-Stewart in her role of Nicte provides a little levity and gallows humor in an attempt to help Tally.

Taylor Hickson and Amalia Holm get their moment as Raelle and Scylla embrace. Indeed, it’s an earth-shaking moment for them both. But it also sort of symbolizes the newly formed bond between Army and Spree.





This was a really strong season finale, which left a lot of tantalizingly good plot threads hanging to be picked up on next summer. I really enjoyed the twist involving Vice President Silver and his connection to the Camarilla. But like most fans, I sort of saw it coming. I also enjoyed the reveal concerning General Adler and her newly formed connection to the Mycelium, which is going to make for interesting story development in the future.

Overall. Revolution provides what it says on the tin. As the heroes of Fort Salem go West with some Spree Allies. The Newly appointed General Bellweather has a few political minefields to navigate.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S2 - EP10) Revolution Part 1
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