In Review: Motherland: Fort Salem (S1 -EP3) A Tiffany

Raelle prepares to show her ability to the top brass, while Abigail struggles with her new role.
A Tiffany

Synopsis: In ‘A Tiffany’ Raelle prepares to show her ability to the top brass, while Abigail struggles with her new role. Tally begins to question her unsettling dreams. Anacostia and Scylla form a plan to infiltrate the enemy further.


The Story

The Matriarch visits Fort Salem to prepare the witches for handfasting. She is quick to point out how important their choice of men will have in their futures. However, Raelle isn’t too keen and Abigail would rather choose who she is with as opposed to choosing from people who are picked by the Matriarch. Raelle gets lucky in that the work she is doing with  Izadora to learn more about her new powers is more important. Especially given that Raellle makes a real breakthrough.

Elsewhere, Anacostia and Scylla manage to capture themselves one of the leaders of the Camarilla.


The Acting

Demetria McKinney and Amalia Holm continue to give us a fun relationship dynamic as Anacostia and Scylla reluctantly work together. The scene where the two argue about the differences in each other’s approach to their mission is fun. Anacostia favoring a more direct approach over Scylla’s preference for subtlety.

Taylor Hickson works well with Emilie Leclerc as Raelle and Izafora figure out how Raellle’s link to the mycelium works. The scene where Raelle manages to get the mushrooms’ attention was full of tension.

Lyne Renée’s General Adler has some really interesting scenes throughout the episode. Two notable ones are the scene where she uses her power to manipulate the President into signing a document, which allows the military to test all young girls for new bloodlines. The second scene is her brief confrontation with the Matriarch.



This was a really strong episode in which a lot is learned. The scenes with Raelle finding her new augmented powers and demonstrating them to the brass were really well done. Also, interesting was the Vice President’s reaction to seeing Raelle’s new powers. Indeed, I’m beginning to suspect that he is not on the same page as Adler and her witches. He could possibly be in cahoots with the Camarilla. But I guess we’ll get to find out if he is as the show’s story unfolds in the weeks ahead.

Overall, A fun episode with a few interesting twists.

Motherland: Fort Salem (S1 -EP3) A Tiffany
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