Abigail forges a connection with Adil, a new visitor to base camp, and pushes a devastated Raelle to help him save a life.

Synopsis: Abigail forges a connection with Adil, a new visitor to base camp, and pushes a devastated Raelle to help him save a life.


The Story

Adil who brought his sick sister to Fort Salem in last week’s show befriends Abigail. It seems that General Adler and her healers are struggling to heal whatever it is that has afflicted the young girl. In her quest to help Adil. Abigail hits on an idea when some training in how to link up with other witches sees a grief-stricken Raelle put all the witches to sleep with the exception of their instructor. Abigail seeks Raelle out after the exercise and asks her to help Adil’s sister. When Raelle agrees she finds that she is able to heal Khalida, but is surprised that she did not take on any of the young girl’s illness after the fact, which is what usually happens.

Meanwhile, Scylla is being tortured, but has not given any information up about her connection to the Spree, but when Quartermain links with her. She is able to extract everything about how Scylla came into contact. Armed with this information. Quartermain gives her young witches their first mission, which is to take out the small Spree Cell that Scylla came from. A mission that will prove taxing for Raelle, who has just found out that Scylla is alive.


The Acting

Amalia Holm does an awesome job of conveying Scylla’s determination not to sell her Spree sisters out while being tortured and it was rather harrowing to watch at times. Taylor Hickson continues to impress as Raelle who is still for my money the most interesting character on the show. The scene that she shares with a somewhat bedraggled Scylla late on in the episode is probably one of the highlights of the episode. Especially given that Raelle was pretty much being used by Quartermain to soften Scylla up emotionally to make it easier for her to perform the link and extract information.



Another solid episode, which continues to build on the mythology of the series. We learn that Fort Salem and its witches could well be in danger from more than just the Spree. There’s an interesting conversation between General Adler and the Witchfather where he reveals that the people are beginning to talk about breaking the accords, which were made 300 years prior to having the witches operate as military to protect the people.

We also learn from Adil’s conversations with Abigail that there is often a lot of collateral damage when the witches use their magic to conjure up storms.

Overall. A solid episode, which reveals more about the witches as well as Adil’s people and the magic, which they possess.


MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM (S1-EP 7) – Mother Mycelium
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