The base celebrates Beltane despite a potential threat.

Synopsis: The base celebrates Beltane despite a potential threat.

The Story

In the aftermath of last week’s story. General Adler has to deal with concerns over a Spree attack, but decides that the Beltane festivities should continue, but agrees to there being a few security measures to ensure things go well. Having tried to resurrect Scylla’s friend in last week’s episode Raelle has the mother of headaches and struggles to partake in the festivities due to feeling haunted by not having saved Scylla’s friend as well as not being able to get any straight answers from Scylla. She does make an effort and finds an ally in one of the young men from the group of male witches.

Meanwhile, Tally and Gerrit’s connection grows stronger. While Abigail finds extra strength in the competition.

Scylla and her necromancy group get the job of doing the autopsy on her old boyfriend, meaning that she has to take measures to ensure she is not captured as the Spree agent on the base.



Taylor Hickson puts in a pretty strong performance this week as Raelle who starts off as rather confused and shaken by recent events. The scene she shares with Amalia Holm’s Scylla in the early part of the episode where Scylla sort of dismisses her by asking her not to go there was really strong and did just enough to sew some doubts in Raelle’s mind. But by the close of the episode, all was forgiven again, which I found to be a bit of a shocker.

Equally. Holm was given some great scenes in which she goes out of her way to try and cover up her crimes, but doesn’t totally succeed without some extra help from a second Spree agent that seems to be on the base. Scylla’s Spree handler.



A pretty solid episode, which did a little to further the season’s story arc and introduced us to a few more of the rituals that the witches have to partake in. I particularly enjoyed how we had the scenes of the autopsy and the search for Spree evidence interspersed with the party of Beltane, which to be honest was as close as you’ll get to an Orgy on a TV show, but very tastefully done by carefully preserving an element of modesty for the actors involved and includes an interesting Dance, which I’m sure will be big at the clubs once all the COVID 19 social distancing is done.

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