The unit travels to Salem Town for an annual witch celebration, but an unexpected disturbance throws the proceedings into chaos.

Synopsis: The unit travels to Salem Town for an annual witch celebration, but an unexpected disturbance throws the proceedings into chaos.

The Story

Raelle misses the morning inspection thanks to having spent a steamy night with Scylla who seems to be grooming her into joining up with the Spree. The lateness puts Raelle offside with Abigail due to the demerits it adds to their units total, but when a chance to go into Salem Town for the annual Witch Celebration comes up for grabs. The unit pulls together and manages to win their spot on the bus with a few other units. However, things get a bit strained when a balloon is spotted by locals who come into conflict with the trainees.

Back at the academy the Generals send a unit in against some Spree and lose all of them, which includes one of the Generals daughters. General Adler is under a great deal of pressure from President Wade to defeat the Spree.

The Acting

Once again the most interesting characters are Taylor Hickson’s Raelle and Amalia Holm’s Scylla. Their relationship seems to be the central point of the story thus far in that Scylla who is working on behalf of The Spree is looking to try and seduce Raelle over to her way of thinking, but that may be a bit more difficult now that Raelle is starting to bond with her Unit sisters of Tally and Abigail. The latter of which has been pretty tough on her.


While not quite as strong as last week’s pilot episode. We do get quite a lot of character development for Tally and Abigail in this one. Plus we also get a little more intrigue insofar as we see a few more layers to just how powerful Scylla and her gifts for Necromancy are.

Thus far I am really enjoying the world-building that has been done on this series and I look forward to seeing what future episodes in the story arc will unravel.

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