In Review: Moriarty: The Clockwork Empire #4

The Final Battle for the fate of all of England has come

Synopsis: The Final Battle for the fate of all of England has come, and Sherlock Holmes has assembled a formidable army to face it. Mind versus mind. Monster versus machine. Holmes versus Moriarty.


The Story

In light of events seen in previous issues. Britain’s Prime Minister who has been authorized by Queen Victoria and has declared Martial Law. Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Winston  Churchill race to London with an antidote to Dr. Jekyll’s serum as well as a potential means to stop Moriarty’s automated army. However, Holmes arrives at The Palace for his audience with The Queen. He is not given the warmest of welcomes.


The Artwork

 Stevan Subic finishes off his run as the artist on this book with a bang. We get some awesome imagery at the start of the book where we see The Prime Minister unveil an army of Automatums that look like tanks with a robotic soldier sitting on top. I loved the darker color palate used for these robot-like soldiers as it makes them look sinister and deadly. I also loved the panels in which we see Holmes’s airship run up against one of Moriarty’s airships as they launch an attack on Moriarty’s base of operations as they attempt to rescue the Queen. 

Visually. This book is a stunner and has been so from the start.



This final issue brings the story to a satisfying and action-packed conclusion. But leaves things open for a sequel, which I’d very much like to see. Holmes solves the mystery and manages to get to the bottom of things. But like always he doesn’t manage to catch Moriarty who continues to be very much his equal. The book also introduced us to another woman that gets the better of Holmes in the form of  Lady Li Mei who also manages to escape the long arm of the law.

Overall. This book has been a lot of fun and I hope that we get to see more of it. But maybe do some stuff more from Moriarty’s viewpoint.

Moriarty: The Clockwork Empire #4
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