In Review: Moriarty: The Clockwork Empire #1

At the Diogenes Club, an investigator and his partner thwart the Machiavellian plans of a card-playing automaton

Synopsis: In Moriarty: The Clockwork Empire a monster is killed by the police with seven bullets to the body. At the Diogenes Club, an investigator and his partner thwart the Machiavellian plans of a card-playing automaton, and that evening the monster’s alter ego will come out of the hospital unscathed… and Holmes and Watson are on the case!


The Story

In London, Mr Hyde is supposedly killed by Police with seven bullets in the body. Meanwhile at the Diogenes Club. The Legendary Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson thwart a machiavellian card-playing automaton, which has been defeating some of London’s most prominent Gentlemen card players. As Holmes exposes the machine more questions arise than answers. Who is behind the machines and what is their motive? Added to this is two other mysteries for Holmes to ponder such as the whereabouts of Dr. Jekyl and the mystery behind Mr. Hyde.


The Artwork

The Artwork in Moriarty: The Clockwork Empire is fantastic. The opening few pages show us Mr. Hyde attacking London’s China Town and the panels are all in shadow and have a wonderful murky quality to them which adds to the mayhem that is about to happen. By comparison, the panels set in the Diogenes Club are bright and colourful but with their own distinctive look and style as we see some nice period work that accurately depicts the fashions of London in 1899.

Visually we see a very steampunk-looking London, but with some familiar elements from late 19th century fashions. I really loved the driverless cabs and the airships flying over the skies of the city. Stevan Subic has really gone to town and lets his imagination run wild.



The writing team of Fred Duval and Jean-Pierre Pécau have done a fine job of setting up a satisfying and fun Sherlock Holmes mystery here and I can’t wait to see what gets uncovered in next month’s issue.

Moriarty: The Clockwork Empire #1
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