In Review: Moon Night (S.1, Ep. 4) – The Tomb

Marc/Steven and Leila go full Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider

Synopsis: Marc/Steven and Leila El-Faouly go full Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider in an effort to stop Arthur Harrow from destroying the world by awakening Ammit. Unfortunately, Marc/Steven lost their powers when Khonshu is punished for moving back the sky by being trapped in rock. Without their powers, Marc/Steven suffer a full mental breakdown while trying to figure out how to stop Ammit on their own.



After Leila (May Calamawy) wakes Marc/Steven (Oscar Isaac) from their coma, the two (or three or more) of them embark on stopping Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) from getting to Ammit before them, and releasing them into the world. Steven is the dominant personality, while Marc remains submerged. Leila and Steven are developing romantic feelings for each other, by Marc seizes upon every opportunity he can to stop them from getting involved, even though they’re both the same person. Steven tries to resist Leila, in deference to Marc, but she has other ideas.

Their pursuit of Ammit leads them to the tomb of Alexander the Great, where they find Ammit’s “statue thingy” inside the body in his sarcophagus. After Leila defeats a hideous creature, saving them from a gruesome fate, she encounters Arthur Harrow, who reveals that Marc knew about her father’s death. When she confronts Marc about this, Arthur follows and then shoots, and possibly kills, Steven.

After being shot, and sinking into what appears to be water, Steven/Marc wake up in what appears to be a psychiatric hospital. They are without their powers, so they can’t change into Moon Knight or even Mr. Knight, and face their Dissociative Identity Disorder full on. They appear to finally meet each other face-to-face. Their psychologist appears to be Arthur Harrow. We also learn that Marc got his Steven Grant personality from an old, low budget Indiana Jones type movie that he watched over and over again. He has a small action figure that looks like Moon Knight. We don’t quite know what is happening to Marc/Steven, and neither does he, but he appear to be in a psychiatric crises, while trying to find his way back to reality.

Then a happy hippopotamus, the goddess Tawaret (Antonia Salib), pops out of a sarcophagus to greet them.



All the actors were at their best in this episode, but Oscar Isaac even outshines himself, moving between Steven and Marc while each is changing in their own ways, and trying to come to terms with one another.


CGI & Effects

While the CGI & effects are great, especially when presenting creatures both gruesome and humorous, and there was some interesting camera work and direction to convey Marc’s/Steven’s state of mind, the episode fell a little short in scenes where the settings are dark. While that can be effective in creating tension and fear in a situation, some of the scenes were so dark as to not be able to make out actions and individuals who didn’t really need to be obscured. Was that hand Leila’s, or the goon going after Leila? What exactly are they doing rolling around in the dark? A tiny bit more illumination might have helped.



This was a solid, very enjoyable episode, and was far more coherent than last week’s episode. The music was appropriate for setting the scenes and locations of events in the story. One thing not mentioned in the past is there is some pretty sharp humor in the series, sometimes in the dialogue as when Marc smashed the gruesome creature chasing them and declared “I squished it. I squished it.” There are absurd situations (i.e. Marc punching Steven, which doesn’t really help either), and some clever or hilarious sight gags. In this episode, the most notable gag was the appearance fancy hippo Tawaret, greeting Marc/Steven with a cartoonish girly voice, prompting both to scream in terror.


Can Taweret save them?

Moon Night (S.1, Ep. 4) - The Tomb
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