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Marc/Steven and Layla go to Cairo to  stop Arthur Harrow from releasing the spirit of Ahmet into the world.
Marc/Steven goes to Cairo to stop Harrow

Synopsis: Marc/Steven and Layla go to Cairo to stop Arthur Harrow from releasing the spirit of Ahmet into the world.



Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) uses the gold scarab to point the way to Ahmet’s tomb. He’s warned that Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) is in Cairo, tracking them. He fights off a trio of thugs he had fought earlier, but hesitates to hurt one who is clearly still a boy. He finds he’s killed the two men, but hesitates to kill the boy, who then sacrifices himself. Marc and Steven argue about Marc’s violence, but Marc denies killing the men. It soon becomes evident that there is a third personality that neither Marc or Steven are aware of. Marc wants to meet with the other gods, but Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham) warns him that it would be dangerous.

Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, Marc arranges a meeting with the avatars of other gods. Khonshu defends himself to the avatars of the other gods, insisting they have to get out into the world and stop Arthur Harrow, but the other gods insist they are only there to observe, and can’t interfere with the affairs of human beings. They summon Artur Harrow,who defends himself against Khonshu by telling them about his multiple personality disorder. Ultimately, the gods decide Harrow has committed no offense, and turn Marc away. One god’s avatar takes him aside, telling him that if they can find Senfu’s sarcophagus, they’ll find instructions on how to get to the tomb.

Layla (May Calamawy) meets Marc in Cairo, to help him search for art collector (and likely thief) Anton Mogart (played by Gaspard Ulliel, who sadly died in a skiing accident in January). Mogart, in the comics, is also known as Midnight Man, because all his thefts take place after midnight. Mogart does not allow them to see the sarcophagus, but with prompting from Layla, allows Steven out to analyze the coded runes to find their way in. Steven determines they have to match up the stars on the cartonnage from the sarcophagus with real constellations to make a star chart that will guide them to the tomb.

Unfortunately, Harrow destroys the sarcophagus, and the constellations that existed in the past no longer exist, but Khonshu has the power to turn back the sky, but it will come at a price. He will be imprisoned by the gods, and Steven/Marc will have to set him free. At the end of this sequence, Marc/Steven appears to be dead, while Harrow, blaming Khonshu for breaking him, moves forward with his plan to release Ahmet. which could mean the end of humanity.



The acting once again, was top notch. Oscar Isaac moves flawlessly from one personality to another, while Ethan Hawke is reptilian as his foe.


CGI & Effects

As with previous episodes, the effects are top notch, complete with a scene where Khonshu turns back the sky.



This episode was jam-packed with twists, actions and details that could easily take weeks to dissect and analyze. It also hints at possible crossovers with other Marvel characters, possibly in Madripoor, home base for Sharon Carter, as seen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. With three episodes left, we are likely to see more ties to the greater MCU.


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