In Review: Moon Knight (S1 – Ep6) – Gods and Monsters

Marc battles for Steven to get his life back.

Synopsis: Marc battles for Steven and to get his life back, while Harrow merges with Ammit to destroy all the evil, or potential evil, on Earth. Layla becomes an Egyptian superhero, and another of Marc’s personality appears.



The story opens with Marc’s (Oscar Isaac) lifeless body being pulled out of the water by Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and his men. Harrow takes the figure of Ammit (Saba Mubarak) from Marc, to summon her so he can be her avatar and “heal the world.”

Harrow encounters a stop point with Egyptian military, but escapes them by using Ammit’s power to release their souls to kill them. Layla (May Calamawy), using the gold scarab, follows Harrow. Tarawet (Antonia Salib), speaking through the dead bodies around her, offers to help her save Marc, by making Layla her avatar. In the meantime, Harrow kills more people, and offers himself up to be her avatar and defeat Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham).

Layla summons Khonshu to get him to help Marc, but Khonshu suggests she be his avatar. Khonshu says the only way to defeat Ammit is that an avatar has to bind Ammit to her avatar, and then kill that avatar.

Marc is still stuck in the field of reeds, but insists on going back for Steven. He leaves eternal peace to join with Steven, so they can find a way to get back to the living and stop Ammit. As Marc joins with Steven, Osiris intervenes to bring them back to life, with the help of Tarawet. Khonshu pauses his battle with Ammit to rejoin with Marc, and turn him into Moon Knight again.

Tarawet makes Layla her avatar, and gives her a “fabulous costume,” the epitome of Egyptian Superhero chic. Meanwhile, Ammit sends her avatars to “judge everyone,” killing people as their souls cause Ammit to grow in size and strength.

Both Khonshu and Ammit have plans that are deadly and destructive. The difference is that Ammit kills people before they commit evil acts, while Khonshu waits till afterwards.

Layla goes after Harrow, joining Marc/Steven in a battle between the two gods. As she battles them, she takes on the whole superhero gig, saving lives of bystanders as she fights. All seems for naught, though, as Harrow tries to kill Khonshu, but killing Marc, who blacks out, and wakes up to a plaza of dead bodies. Layla witnessed the killings, which were obviously committed by a third personality co-existing with Marc and Steven.

Layla, Marc, and other avatars manage to bind Ammit to Harrow, as Khonshu urges Marc to kill Harrow. As Marc is about to kill Harrow, Layla stops him. Marc tells Khonshu if he wants Harrow dead, he has to do it himself.

Marc wakes up as Steven in the psychiatric institution, talking to Dr. Harrow, who looks like he’s styled after Stan Lee. (Check out the hair, mustache, and glasses.) Steven asks him if he believes Khonshu and Ammit are real. Harrow replies “No.” Suddenly Steven is also someone else, hostile, with a gravely voice,  rejecting Harrows answer, both saying they would rather go save the world than listen to him. Steven then wakes up in his apartment, as both himself and Marc, finding they’ve been tied to the bed so they can’t leave.

It’s become apparent, their third personality is the one confining them as he continues to do Khonshu’s bidding. In the sole post-credits scene, Harrow wakes up in Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital (named after Moon Knight comic book artist, Bill Sankiewicz), drugged and confused. He is escorted out by a man speaking Spanish to him. He thinks he’s being rescued, but as it turns out, Khonshu has taken over Jake Lockley, the third personalty eluding Marc and Steven, and kills Harrow.



The acting, as always, is marvelous, but Oscar Isaac once again gives the stand out performances. He seamlessly moves between being Marc, Steven, Moon Knight, Mr. Knight, and Jake Lockley, making us believe each of the personalities is a distinctive individual. Ethan Hawke also shines as both the evil Harrow, Dr. Harrow, and the confused, almost sympathetic psychiatric patient Harrow, while May Calamawy may be the most dynamic action hero to be reckoned with in the episode.


CGI & Effects

The CGI & effects are, again, top notch, though there has to be a better way to make night scenes less dark, or to illuminate the figures in the dark better, so we can actually see what’s happening. Much of the action is obscured by darkness.



The finale, overall, was both a simple end for Harrow and Ammit, but leaves us with the understanding that Moon Knight/Marc/Steven/Jake is far more complex and exploitable, because of his Dissociative Identity Disorder. Each personality is being exploited by Khonshu. While Steven and Marc have come to terms with each other, and see how each brings strength to the other, they still have to eventually discover and build an alliance with this more violent personality. We are left with wanting more in the end, which we are likely to  get in future MCU series and movies, or another possible Moon Knight season. There is a planned Werewolf By Night one-off episode that should appear toward the end of the year, where Moon Knight will return, and with the other darker Marvel protagonists – especially the Black Knight and Blade, they are likely to show up again in a number of stories.

Marvel is definitely moving into an intriguing direction with these characters.


Moon Knight (S1 - Ep6) - Gods and Monsters
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  • dalek01012
    5 May 2022 at 2:26 am -

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this series. And am likely to binge watch the whole lot when I have a free weekend to do so.

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