In Review: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (S1 – EP5) The Way Out

Cate's painful memories of G-Day come flooding back as she treks through the ruins of San Francisco with Kentaro and May.

Synopsis: In The Way Out, Cate’s painful memories of G-Day come flooding back as she treks through the ruins of San Francisco with Kentaro and May.


The Story

Having been found in Alaska in last week’s episode. Cate, Kentaro and May are held in a Monarch facility. However, Monarch decides to let them go and give them their passports and some money so that they can travel home. Lee Shaw is kept behind and interrogated by  Natalia Verdugo who seems to be taking Shaw’s uncoroperative attitude very personally. 


Now free to do as they please. Cate and Kentaro with some help from May continue the search for their father and continue to learn more about him. The next stop of their search takes them back to Cate’s home in San Francisco, which is a Fema Relocation home that Cate’s mother set up after Godzilla attacked the city. Cate and the team enlist her mother to drive them to the ruined city of San Francisco as they look to gain access to Cate and Kentaro’s old office in the city. While looking around the old building they figure out that their father had charted the course of where the Titans might be. What Cate and Kentaro are not aware of is the fact that May isn’t who she appears to be and Monarch has something on her, which has forced the young hacker into a position where she is being made to spy on her friends.


The Acting

Anna Sawai does a great job in this week’s episode as she has to portray the effects of Cate Rand’s PTSD as we see some of the experiences that Cate endured during G-Day. We also got a strong performance from Mirelly Taylor as head of Monarch Natalia Verdugo. The interrogation scene between Verdugo and Shaw is interesting viewing as it suggests the two have a history. 



The Way Out is a bit slower-paced than the previous few episodes but does manage to cram quite a lot in and maintains the story’s momentum well enough to establish a few more possible locations for Cate and the team to search while looking for her father. We don’t get any more monster sightings this week apart from a few interesting flashback scenes to the G-Day attack which are preceded by a glimpse of what Cate’s life was like before the attack.

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