In Review: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (S1 – EP4) – Parallels and Interiors

The team is left stranded in the frozen tundra after a narrow escape. Kentaro reflects on his relationships.

Synopsis: In Parallels and Interiors, The team is left stranded in the frozen tundra after a narrow escape. Kentaro reflects on his relationships.


The Story

Having got stranded in the frozen tundra in last week’s episode. Shaw, Kentaro, Cate, and May have to run for their lives and try and outsmart the monster that has just killed their only means of escape. Managing to get away from the Titan. Shaw and the gang hide in a clearing beneath the ice, but when May falls into some ice. The team must rush to find a populated area before May dies of hypothermia. Thinking that he spotted a building on the flight in Kentaro goes off on his own to find help and has a few flashbacks to when he first met May. Meanwhile, Shaw and the rest of the group continue their search.

Back in America Dr. Barnes who is manning one of Monarch’s listening outposts picks up on a signal that could potentially indicate another attack on the same scale as the Godzilla attack on San Francisco. Dr. Barnes informs Monarch’s Mirelly Taylor about these findings and a debate is started on what the best course of action is.


The Acting

Kurt Russell puts in a fantastic performance this week as we see Lee Shaw begin to take responsibility for the lives of his young charges. We get a strong scene between Shaw and Kentaro (Ren Watabe) where Kentaro convinces Shaw to let him go off on his own as he is so convinced that he saw a building on the journey to Alaska. Watabe also puts in a great performance throughout the episode in scenes where we learn how Kentaro met May and how their relationship started.

Anna Sawai and Kiersey Clemons also put in strong performances as Cate and May.



Parallels and Interiors was another strong episode that fleshed out the characters and gave us some insight into Kentaro’s past and what drew him to May. It was also a great epsiode for May and Cate as it developed their friendship and gives us a glance of what they are like in a crisis. 

The episode ends with the team being reunited with Monarch. As to how that will pan out in weeks to come remains to be seen. But it could get interesting.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (S1 - EP4) - Parallels and Interiors
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