In Review: Minky Woodcock #2.2: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla

The artwork continues to pop off the pages of this book.

Synopsis: Picking the story up from where things left off. Minky Woodcock has found herself investigating Nikola Tesla. But she has formed a bit of a friendship with the eccentric inventor and has just witnessed an attempt on Tesla’s life.


The Story

Having just saved Tesla from being hit by a car. Minky escorts the scientist back to his hotel. She then reports the murder attempt to the police, but the questioning officer pretty much dismisses Minky’s statement and sends her home. But who tried to have Tesla killed? That is a question that Minky ponders just as she is called in to see J.P. Morgan Jr. who wants an update on Minky’s investigation. As she finishes her business meeting with Morgan. Minky gets hit on by a tall blond photographer calling himself Frank. She takes him home for a bit of recreational fun but as morning breaks. It dawns on her that Frank looks rather familiar.


The Artwork

The artwork continues to pop off the pages of this book. I do wish that Comixology would design a VR App for comics. I mean it would be cool to walk around some comic pages. Especially when it comes to period comics like this. The streets of 1943 New York really come alive in this issue. Especially the various billboards.

Thought it has to be said. The disclaimer on the cover of this book warning of graphic sexuality is not a bluff. And when the scenes do pop up in this instance. It proves useful as a plot device.



A great second issue. writer and artist Cynthia von Buhler has a great sense of story pacing and a great eye for visuals. Especially when it comes to some of the seedier locales depicted in the book. I particularly enjoyed Minky’s brief visit to the theatre to see her brother. This broke things up a little bit and was a good bit of character development in regards to an insight into Minky’s more personal life.

Overall. A great second issue, which leaves things open with a fantastic cliffhanger, which makes me think that Minky has been set up to take a fall.

Minky Woodcock #2.2: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla
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