In Review: Minky Woodcock #2.1: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla

Private investigator Minky Woodcock becomes involved in the affairs of a maverick genius and reclusive pigeon-fancier, Nikola Tesla
Minky Woodcock

Synopsis: Private investigator Minky Woodcock becomes involved in the affairs of a maverick genius and reclusive pigeon-fancier, Nikola Tesla, only to discover a horrifying conspiracy involving corrupt politicians and Nazis.


The Story

When Minky Woodcock is approached by JP Morgan Jr to investigate Nikola Tesla’s new Death Ray. It leads her on a magical mystery tour where she gets to not only meet Tesla but also gets to meet Josephine Baker and Donald Trumps Uncle John Trump. Indeed, this new mystery is filled with historical facts and treasures. This first issue sees Minky have her first meeting with Tesla and learn more about him. But it isn’t long before she begins to sense a conspiracy surrounding him.


The Artwork

Cynthia von Buhler who also wrote the comic produces some magical artwork here. While reading and admiring the book. It felt like watching an old Black and White movie from the 40s. She absolutely nails the hairstyles, clothing, and vehicles of the time. I was particularly taken back with her drawing of Wardenclyffe Tower, which was abandoned when JP Morgan had Tesla’s work destroyed. The reason. He couldn’t put a meter on it. Also, the drawing of the horse being electrocuted by a jealous and psychotic Thomas Edison was harrowing.



This was an awesome first issue. I loved the way that Cynthia von Buhler sets up her story. The meeting with JP Morgan’s son felt very much like you’d imagine it. Also, the use of real historical characters throughout that linked up to Tesla.

The best part is the conversation between Tesla and Minky Woodcock. The way he tells her his story and how he was treated really brought him to life as a flesh and blood character for me. I also liked the inclusion of John Trump and Josephine Baker. For those not in the know. John Trump was an electrical engineer and physicist. Two days after the death of Nikola Tesla in 1943. John Trump was called in by the FBI to analyze Tesla’s items. Prior to that. He also happened to be the Uncle of Donald Trump.

Overall. This is a great book that will encourage you to start looking stuff up. Like Josephine Baker’s work spying for the French during the second world war. As well as John Trumps role in examining Nikola Tesla’s inventions.

It’s a fantastic read and I can’t wait for the second issue. Hopefully, we’ll get to issue 369.


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Minky Woodcock #2.1: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla
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