In Review: Masters of the Universe Revelation (Part 1 S1)

New stories require bold moves, which is certainly the case here.
Masters of the Universe Revelation

Synopsis: Masters of the Universe Revelation (2021) sees a new Eternian hero emerge, Teela, who is voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar.



New stories require bold moves, which is certainly the case here. For example, we find out what would happen if He-Man actually succeeded and killed Skeletor (voiced by Mark Hamill). Consequently, it results in Teela (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar) being the central protagonist. And, what ensues makes for a good character journey. Furthermore, we do eventually get to see He-Man (voiced by Chris Wood) undergo important character developments, too. And, that wouldn’t be possible without some really brave writing.

This time around we saw an expanded show story-world. That enabled more depth and for greater levels of emotional engagement than the original cartoon. We aren’t in the eighties now, and so we needed a storyline that worked for today, which we definitely got.



Taking the mantle of cult characters can be a poisoned chalice, but fine voicing by Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela and Lenah Headey  as Evil-Lyn  do a wonderful job. As a result we get to watch old characters have new life breathed into them, with some impassioned, dynamic voicing. It’s so important to put a stamp on the role, as there aren’t other ways to do so, as there are in live action shows.

CGI & Animation

Masters of the Universe Revelation looks a bit more grown up, this time around. Modern animation means everything is more fluid. However, the original iconic look of the characters’ original designs have been kept, and altered slightly accordingly, where necessary.


There will of course be those who denounce this show, and label it “woke”. Those “fans” likely only wanted the old show to be remade. Consequently, they’d be better to just watch the original . . . But show-runner Kevin Smith knew what was needed, and fortunately delivered a good story. So, what we saw was a smart way to reboot the franchise. Firstly, the ideas for the story were themselves strong; secondly, those voicing made them a reality. And finally, the whole thing just felt like a really well planned project. As a result, Kevin Smith proved that he really does have the power to bring back a much loved character, and do so in a way that feels relevant.



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In Review: Masters of the Universe Revelation
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